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Automotive Design 28 Dec 2006
Toyota Design website

Toyota Global website features a specific design section with information about Toyota and Lexus’ design philosophies, the different styling centers and an image gallery from the development process.

This Design section is listed in the "special content" column on Toyota’s global website. It consists of four main sections: Design Philosophy, Global Network, Design Works and "For the Future".

Design Philosophy

Vibrant Clarity is Toyota’s design ethos that challenges a long standing design paradox, to produce vehicles that are energized and dynamic, yet, at the same time, rational and ingenious.

Toyota designers at work

"In our design process, synergizing contradictory elements in harmony is central to the creation of new design values. This way of thinking originates in the Japanese aesthetic, and is called j-factor."

Vibrant Clarity is a synergy of to distinct values, "Vibrant" refers to the forward-looking, vital nature of new designs, and their energy; "Clarity" stresses the rationality element, the need to keep the design crisp, functionality intact and its concept easy to interpret at a glance.

On the other end, Lexus design philosophy is called L-finesse, where the L stands for leading-edge. The aim of theis philosophy is to define the core character of all Lexus vehicles with a design that is dramatic and bold, avoiding artistic sophistication.

Toyota Global Design Network

Global Design Network

The Global Network section lists the different Toyota’s Design Studios, located in USA, Europe and Japan.

Design Works

The Design Works section contains an interesting gallery of photos taken from the design development process.

Toyota Design Works Toyota Design - hand sketching

For The Future

The last section of the microsite shows Toyota’s vision of mobility for the future, and describes the futuristic I-Swing and Fine-X concept vehicles.

For additional information visit Toyota Design.

(Source: Toyota)


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