Citroen C-Crosser

Production Cars 27 Oct 2006
Citroen C-Crosser

Citroën has revealed the C‑Crosser SUV vehicle that will go on sale in Europe from summer 2007. It is based on a 4WD platform developed by Mitsubishi and features a modular cabin layout.

Citroen C-CrosserNamed after the concept vehicle unveiled in 2001, the C-Crosser combines a sporty look with flowing lines and a spacious interior capable of up to seven seats, thanks to the generous dimensions: it is 4.64 m long, 1.81 m wide, 1.73 m high including roof bars and has a 2.67 m wheelbase.

Its integral transmission system guarantees good dynamic performances on any kind of road in any kind of weather. The engine is the HDi diesel engine equipped with particulate filter.

From the official Press Release:


Citroen C-Crosser - detailThe C-Crosser is also a highly versatile vehicle owing to its integral transmission system, which guarantees sure-footed behaviour on any kind of road in any kind of weather, and modular cabin layout, designed for a wide array of needs.

The C-Crosser is instantly recognisable as a Citroën. The dramatic positioning of the chrome chevrons and the streamlined cut of the headlamps are feature stylistic cues of the Marque’s latest creations.

The styling of the C-Crosser emphasises its robustness, with curvaceous bumpers and wheel arches, its vitality, with a flowing profile and plunging roof line, and its elegance, with numerous chrome details. 

Technical Features

The suspension system features a MacPherson at the front and multi-link axles at the back, coupled with special 18-inch Michelin tyres.

The C-Crosser will be available at launch with a new 12.2 l HDi diesel engine (156hp and 380 Nm of torque) mated to a six-speed manual gearbox. This unit, fitted systematically with a particulate filter (DPFS), can also run on 30% biofuel (Diester).

With the C-Crosser’s integral transmission, drivers get to choose from three transmission settings, depending on road conditions and driving style: four-wheel drive, two-wheel drive and a lock setting recommended for low-grip conditions, all of which are selected using the control behind the gear lever.

Modular Interior

C-Crosser can be easily configured and reconfigured: it can seat up to seven passengers thanks to a third row of two seats, which can be completely folded away beneath the floor.

Row 2 slides 80 mm back and forth for increased passenger comfort or luggage space. It also features a portfolio-style electrically controlled 60:40 split/fold function using two controls located in the boot.

The seats fold away to provide a completely flat floor together with a vast loading surface.

In addition to this, the C-Crosser’s boot opens in two sections. The lower part of the tailgate provides support for 200 kg, making it easy to load bulky objects and perfect as an al fresco seat.

(Source: Citroen)

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