Venturi Astrolab

Special Cars 13 Oct 2006
Venturi Astrolab

Astrolab is an electro-solar hybrid car created by Venturi Automobiles. It will be the first vehicle of this kind to be commercialised, starting from 2008. The main figures are a top speed of 120 km/h, an autonomy of 100 km and a price of 92,000 Euros.

Venturi Astrolab ConceptWith a top speed of 120 km/hr and autonomy of 110 km, Astrolab is a real “Solar Commuter” making extensive trips on a daily basis. It will be made by order at a cost of 92,000 € + VAT.

The first vehicles are scheduled for delivery in January, 2008.

From the official Press Release:

With 3.6 m2 of photovoltaic cells giving an exceptional yield of 21%, and covered by a film composed of nano-prisms enabling denser concentration of solar energy, Astrolab is the first high-performance solar vehicle to be commercialised in the world.

Capable of working with very little energy (16 kWc engine) and of recharging even when in motion, Astrolab does not need to be permanently exposed to the sun in order to move. Its NiMH NIV-7 batteries – liquid cooled – enable it to restitute stored energy, whether solar or from the electricity supply, making it the first electro-solar hybrid vehicle.


Venturi Astrolab ConceptAccording to Venturi, "Astrolab also opens up a new era as regards automobile architecture: light and high-profiled, it offers the rays of the sun 3.6 m2 of today’s most sophisticated photovoltaic cells (for an overall vehicle length under 4 m)."

Its designer Sacha Lakic describes Astrolab as : “a flying wing set on four wheels”.

Optimised to incoporate its solar cells, the Astrolab’s design takes into account the effect of passengers’ weight on the vehicle’s dynamic behaviour.

Venturi Astrolab ConceptVery light when empty, the tandem architecture makes for perfect balance, whether the vehicle is occupied by one person or two.

With Astrolab, Venturi has given priority to the solar solution as its energy conversion technology: all of its developments allow us to hope for even higher yields in the years to come.

Within a 30-year perspective, Venturi is the only automobile manufacturer capable of presenting such a solution while ensuring new driving sensations and an essential aspect of automobiles: the dream.

Environmental friendly

This is very first vehicle that consumes no fossile resources in order to work: the emissions of CO2 required for its construction will even be compensated for by evironmental actions.

Venturi Astrolab Concept"A parallel can be drawn between Astrolab and a sailboat : both advance silently while making best use of the elements provided by Nature. And the piloting of both makes for sensations unlike any other."

To attain this level of performance while using very little energy, Astrolab has been designed like a Formula 1: its carbon monocoque chassis is ultra-light and serves as an oversized protection cell ensuring the safety of its occupants in the event of a collision.

Its profile recalls the aqua-dynamic design of great racing yachts.

Venturi Astrolab – Technical specifications

2-seater tandem vehicle, electro-solar with zero émission
Heavy quadricycle (minimum driving license B1, from 16 yrs old)
Type : asynchronous

  • Power : 16 kWc
  • Max rating : 3500 tr/min
  • Torque : 50 Nm
  • Cooling : air
Rapport : 1/7
  • NIV-7 Pack (Hydride metal Nickel) 72V 100 Ah
  • Onboard energy : 7 kWh
  • Mass : 108 kg
  • Liquid cooling
  • Estimated life-span of batteries : 2,500 cycles (> 10 yrs)
Full recharge in 5 hrs with onboard charger (1.5 kW) using a standard 16A plug
Central carbon body with front and rear units in aluminium

Carbon fiber

Solar Panels
  • Surface area : 3.6 m2 of photovoltaic cells (yield 21%)
  • Power : 600 W
  • Average solar contribution: 18 km/day
Mc Pherson (inf. triangle inf. + buffer spring set)
4 discs, diameter 170

  • Length : 3800 mm
  • Width : 1840 mm
  • Roll-bar height : 1200 mm
  • Front and rear gauge : 1760 mm
  • Wheelbase : 2500 mm
  • Front and rear tyres : Michelin 130/90 R17

Weight empty
  • 280 kg
  • Autonomy on batteries : 110 km
  • Top speed : 120 km/hr

(Source: Venturi)

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