ICEM Surf 4.6 announced

ICEM Surf 4.6 announced

ICEM, has announced the forthcoming availability of version 4.6 of its surface design and modelling software suite, ICEM Surf. Among the new features are enhanced photo-realistic and real time design visualisation capabilities.

From the official press Release:

As well as additional functionality in the surface design and modelling environment, ICEM Surf 4.6 introduces significantly enhanced photo-realistic, real time design visualisation capabilities and enhancements to the user interface that are designed to increase users’ productivity.

Lotus Elise 2000 - rendered in ICEM SurfAs a result of increased demand for ICEM software in the Japanese automotive industry, ICEM Surf 4.6 also introduces the option of a Kanji user interface.

“ICEM Surf 4.6 is a significant software release as it delivers on the promises we made in March 2005 to continue development of ICEM Surf alongside our new CAA V5-based ICEM Shape Design product,” said Lee Cureton, chief executive, ICEM Ltd.

“As a result, ICEM Surf 4.6 delivers new and enhanced functionality designed to help improve the design-to-manufacture workflow of those of our customers who have elected to stay with a product that suits there current PLM software environment and with which they have become familiar,” he explained.

New features

Zebra Analysis on ICEM SurfICEM Surf 4.6 introduces G3 surface matching, enabling users to achieve higher levels of smoothness and surface matching, automatically, while new ‘digital taping’ capabilities provide a virtual version of the traditional manual process. This feature enables stylists and design managers to mark up designs in real time on the desk-top, in either full photo-realistic visualisation or wire-frame model mode, thereby doing away with the need to use physical tape in a costly virtual reality display environment.

New live design review capabilities in the Reference Manager environment of ICEM Surf 4.6 enable review session participants to switch between design variants and combinations of variants at the click of a mouse button, while enhancements to the highlights analysis environment enable ‘real-world’ and visual simulation analysis processes to be combined.

In addition, a new projection tool enables users to switch between static and dynamic highlights as they navigate around the virtual model.

For photo-realistic design visualisation, new HDRI (high dynamic range imaging) lighting capabilities available with ICEM Surf 4.6, together with new real time bump mapping facilities and spherical and 360º environments, deliver a higher level of realism to photo-realistic images and renderings of digital models.

ICEM Surf 4.6 is scheduled to begin shipping to customers in November 2006.

About ICEM

With its headquarters in the UK, ICEM Ltd. is a leading developer of advanced surface modelling, surface model validation and design visualisation software.

The company has a worldwide network of sales and support offices and specialist distributors covering Europe, the USA, South America, Australia, Japan and the South East Asia region.

ICEM software is a critical component of the product lifecycle management (PLM) software environments of many of the world’s leading automotive, aerospace, sporting goods and consumer durable products manufacturers and their suppliers.

Customers include the Ford Motor Company, DaimlerChrysler Group, Volkswagen Audi Group, Porsche, BMW, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Renault, Nissan, Subaru, Airbus Industrie and Delta Air Lines.

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(Source: ICEM)

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