Technical Studio TS07

Special Cars 26 Sep 2006
Technical Studio TS07

The TS07 is an exclusive supercar created by French Company Technical Studio. Among the features are the aluminum structure and the composite body panels. It debuts at the Paris Motor Show.

Technical Studio TS07The TS07 design was created by Gregory Gambara, a design consultant for automotive projects who has worked with French car manufacturers for more than 15 years.

Its development took Technical Studio about twenty months and required a combination of modern technologies like Computer Assisted Design and fast prototyping with traditional craftsmanship.

The TS-07 uses sophisticated materials such as lightweight alloys for the chassis and advanced composites for the body.

In particular, the aluminium alloy chassis consists of thin sheets shaped and mechanically welded, and gives an excellent compromise between weight and rigidity, ensuring at the same time the ability to absorb frontal and lateral impact.

The structure has a front end with an impressive crash box for frontal impacts, which integrates the coolant radiators.

Customers can choose among different engines: the chassis has been tested on track with 4-cylinders, 6-cylinders and 8-cylinders units.

Technical Studio TS07 - Preliminary Sketch Technical Studio TS07 - Preliminary Sketch

Technical Studio wishes to establish privileged relations with each car and each owner. In order to keep the exclusive character of the TS-07, they will produce only twelve cars.

Technical Studio TS07 Technical Studio TS07

About Technical Studio

Technical Studio designs and builds dream car for individuals. They develop technologies that permits to put on the road a car specifically designed for a “single” customer as an architect design the house dreamed by his client. more information are available on

Technical Studio TS07 – Technical Specifications

Technical Studio TS07 - Technical Specifications

(Source: Technical Studio)

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