“New Strada” supercar project

Automotive Design 13 Aug 2006
“New Strada” supercar project

The “New Strada” is a project started by an Italian Engineering group in partnership with AADA (African Automotive Design Association). The mission is to build a modern riedition of the 60’s Bizzarrini Strada GT 5300 supercar. We report some exclusive preliminary design studies.

New Strada - Design PresentationThe AADA (The African Automotive Design Association) together with an Italian Engineering group headed by
Leone Martellucci have started an
ambitious project: to design and build a legendary
Italian sports car.

The "New Strada" is the name of the supercar, and is inspired by the classic 1969
Bizzarrini Strada GT 5300.


The main designer for the "New Strada" project is Jonathan Kasumba, representing the AADA (African Automotive Design

For his preliminary sketches he took inspiration not only from the 1969
version of the Strada, but also immersed himself in
the world of contemporary African Masks.

The long
hood, low roof, shallow windows, give the observer the
sense of an athlete waiting to spring into action.

African masks a lot of detail is place on the eyes,
nose, mouth and facial surface texture; this is done
to carefully portray the characters true nature.

Infiniti Kuraza Concept
New Strada Concept Sketch
Bizzarrini Strada GT 5300 (source: auto-moto-italia.nl)
A preliminary sketch by Jonathan Kasumba

Tubular fog lamps, trapezoid air vents, geometric shut
lines, flush surfaces and conical surface caps all
help in expressing my interpretation of the legendary
Strada GT 5300.

Infiniti Kuraza Concept in "Ghost in the Shell"
Nissan Sport Concept in "Ghost in the Shell"
Two Presentations by AADA for the "New Strada" project: exterior (left) and interior (right) design sketches

We will keep you informed about the development of this interesting project.

About AADA

AADA is the first African Design association. It was founded in 2005 by Jonathan Kasumba and Car Body Design gave the first official announcement of the event.

(Photo courtesy: AADA)

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