Audi Sportscoupé Concept by Enes Canay

New Designers 10 Aug 2006
Audi Sportscoupé Concept by Enes Canay

This Audi concept is a project of a luxury coupé inspired by the Maybach Exelero and created by Enes Canay, a Germany-based designer. Among the main features are the three-seats layout and the bi-color painting.

Audi Concept by Enes Canay - Preliminary Sketches
The preliminary sketches show the "transition" from the
Maybach Exelero-like profile to a more Audi-like looking one
Enes Canay, who currently works as a designer for an automotive supplier, was inspired by the Maybach Exelero Concept.

Being a big Audi fan, he wondered how such a sportscoupé could look like an Audi.

His Audi Sportscoupe Concept was submitted to the Atari Contest and is featured among the finalist projects.

The bi-color painting concept was borrowed by the production Maybach models, while the three-seats layout for the interior was inspired by the McLaren F1.

An original feature is the luggage compartment, which is divided in two parts: the upper one, for everyday use, is designed to carry laptops or briefcases, while the lower one is made for travelling.

"There is enough space for luggage and the compartment is flocked on the ground and on the walls. This makes the compartment resistant against mud."

Audi Concept by Enes Canay - Exterior Sketches
Audi Concept by Enes Canay - Interior Sketches

In the author’s idea the interior should appear at the same time sporty and luxurious, and the seats should be in lightweight construction. The total weight should not exceed 2 tons.

Audi Concept by Enes Canay - Preliminary Sketches
Above: some Preliminary sketches

About Enes Canay

Enes Canay is 31 years old and lives in Witten (Germany).

He is currently working for an automotive supplier in the design and marketing department. He is responsible for the CI of the Company and for interior concepts.

Ferrari 360 replacement concept by Enes Canay
Ford KA St - Design proposal by Enes Canay
Ferrari 360 replacement concept by Enes Canay

A recent design proposal by Enes Canay for the Ford Ka St

As he explains, "I started as a technical draftsman and worked very hard each day to improve my design skills. Now i am doing design in the Design Department for 6 years."

"I learned all by myself and get the chance to work in a professional design department."

More information about his work can be found in his online portfolio at Coroflot and on his Audi Crossover Concept page.

(Photo courtesy: Enes Canay)


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