Audi R-Zéro concept study

Automotive Design 27 Jun 2006
Audi R-Zéro concept study

The Audi R-Zéro is a concept study for a futuristic sportscar that combines electrical propulsion with extreme performances. It was created by three students of the French International School of Design (ISD).

Audi R-Zéro is a concept study for a futuristic Audi sportscar. It was created by three student of the International School of Design (ISD), Valenciennes (France): Franck Levivier (transportation designer), Rémi Marchand and Pierre-Olivier Wagner (digital designers).

Audi R-Zéro Concept Sketch
Audi R-Zéro Concept Sketch
Audi R-Zéro Concept Sketches by Franck Levivier (source:

Audi R-Zéro ConceptThe Audi R-Zéro is equipped with four in-wheel electrical motors, that deliver a total output of 803 Kw (1091 hp) at 12,900 rpm. With a mass of 2,200 kg, this extreme vehicle features a weight to power ratio of 2,01 kg/hp.

The estimated torque is 2940 Nm, more than two times that of the Bugatti Veyron.

The estimated performances are a top speed of 460 Km/h and an acceleration from 0 to 100 Km/h in less than 3 seconds.

Audi R-Zéro Concept
Audi R-Zéro Concept
Audi R-Zéro Concept
Audi R-Zéro Concept

The main theme of this project is the connection between sportivity and respect for the environment, two apparently opposite concepts. The Audi R-Zéro should communicate how an electrical vehicle can be as fascinating and extreme as a conventional car.

The exterior design is expressly inspired by the Audi TT: its shape is the result of an aerodynamic study of the air flows both over and under the car body, aimed at achieving good performances in terms of dynamic handling and engine/brake cooling.

Audi R-Zéro ConceptEven the rear "single frame" has a specific function: the front and rear air intakes are connected by means of a single hollow component that acts as a structural backbone.

The 3D model was created using Alias StudioTools, while the static renderings and the animation were done in Maya.

The lithium ion batteries should provide about 800 volts, and should concurr to the vehicle weight with a total mass of about 1,200 kg.

Many high-resolution images and a video animation are available on the Audi R-Zéro official website.

(Source: Virtual Car, Audi R-Zéro)

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