“Stile Italiano Giovani” exhibition

13 Jun 2006
“Stile Italiano Giovani” exhibition

From Jun 8th to 18th the “Stile Italiano Giovani” exhibition presents the best 20 projects of the design competition started by Anfia and open to young designers.

From the official Press Release:

Stile Italiano Giovani - LogoThe exhibition “Stile Italiano Giovani 2006” presents the best of today’s and future
car design in an extraordinary location: the well renowned palace designed by the famous architect
Filippo Juvarra in via Carlo Alberto 16 in Torino.

From June 8th to 18th, the wonderful rooms in Palazzo Birago, the institutional seat of the Torino
Chamber of Commerce, host the best 20 unpublished projects of the competition.

Sports and city cars,
simple or futuristic lines: the range of ideas by young designers is wide indeed, but all of them share
creative stream, pursuit of beauty connected to functionality. The exhibition dedicates a special section
(apart from the competition) to young illustrators, whose hands are able to create emotions and tell

Winner Project: Project Alfa Romeo Villa d’Este

Alfa Romeo Villa d'Este by Ross Mc Sherry
A sketch of the Alfa Romeo Villa d’Este concept
(Image courtesy: Ross McSherry)
by Ross McSherry, UK, 23 years old

Jury’s comment: "The power of the simplicity, typical expression of the Italian Style.

Today the automobile style is generally characterised by a redundant number of decorations and complicated
lines; in this situation, our appreciation is intended to underline the courage demonstrated by a young English
boy in proposing simple and balanced solutions framed in a functional context.

The design of the general layout and the model add value and maturity to his project."

Author’s Note

The Alfa Romeo Villa d’Este is a luxury sports saloon that looks to reinstate Alfa
Romeo as the leader in fine automotive design and sporting luxury. lts’ closest market
competitors are the Mercedes Benz CLS or BMW 6-Series, both luxury coupes
that are technically excellent but lack the spirit and emotion that can be offered by
an Italian company.

Alfa Romeo Villa d'Este by Ross Mc Sherry
Alfa Romeo Villa d’Este – Presentation Sheet
(Image courtesy: Ross McSherry)
The Villa d’Este takes its name from the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, one of the
greatest celebrations of automotive excellence.

Visual cues from the 1949 Alfa
Romeo 6C 2500 Villa d’Este are evident in the nose and shoulder line, however this
project is more than just an styling exercise – it looks to create a subtle, evocative
flagship model inspired by traditional coachbuilding and the rare vehicles only found
at a concours d’elegance.

The grille gives a contemporary twist to a traditional Alfa Romeo graphic -a smoked
acrylic `shield’ that has etched detailing comes to life when the car is started, giving
a soft glow that gently illuminates the Alfa Romeo script and horizontal bars. The
grille is complimented by sculpted lower bumper inlets that encourage the eye to
move towards the wheels and doors, thus making the vehicle appear lower, sportier
and more ‘flowing’.

The bonnet lines are reminiscent of Italian designs of the Fifties, creating a sculptural
appearance that is such an integral part of the brand. All of the feature lines on the
car correspond with each other, starting at the nose giving the appearance of tensed
muscles along with a sense of agility.

The Villa d’Este uses the Maserati LM139 platform from the Quattroporte as well as
the transaxle 4.2L V8 to give the car a spacious cabin, long bonnet and sporty handling
with near-perfect weight distribution.

For more information, visit Ross McSherry’s official website.

2nd classified – project ASTROCAR

by Lilia Chernaeva, Bulgaria, 25 years old

AstroCar by Lilia ChernaevaJury’s comment: "Originality of ideas, mastership and freshness of the graphic representation let hope for even more remarkable
results after widening the general training already acquired.

The pillars of the windscreen and some “bio” elements are functional and full of expressive strength and high
power of impact."

Author’s note: "My proposal is to create a series of twelve cars, like the twelve signs of the zodiac,
using a single platform — a city car like the Citroen C1 – for all models. The models
will be created with the new rapid prototyping technology, which makes it possible
to produce three dimensional bodywork quickly, easily and, in the near further,

AstroCar by Lilia Chernaeva"These cars will be small two- or four-door vehicles seating four people, whose small
size makes them suitable for urban areas or vacation spots.
The concept can also be developed in an additional direction, creating a second “family” of cars with the oriental (Chinese) zodiac for the forthcoming 2008 Olympic
Games in Beijing. They could become a major attraction for tourists and visitors, representing
a part of China’s history and tradition.

The AstroCar is designed for men and women who approach life with a marked
sense of humor, but want to project something of the classic and traditional in their
image. For a woman in particular, driving an AstroCar is a way of being noticed, but
with discretion: like a subtle perfume wafting through the air.
I create my cars for all women, everywhere."

3rd classified – Project FIAT AS

Fiat AS by Adriano Stellinoby Adriano Stellino, Italy, 18 years old

Considering the young age of our participant, it is noteworthy the completeness of the global approach used in designing both external and interior fittings of the car, the different perspective and
orthogonal views, and details too.

Lines are quite pleasant and enriched with a precious touch of colour.


“Auto & Design” award – project VOLVO S20

by Davide Varenna, Italy, 17 yeas old

Volvo S20 by Davide VarennaJury’s comment: "The idea is quite original, the graphic realisation is correct, and the illustrative line is lively.

The young age of
the participant greatly underlines his innate gift and the quite good knowledge of the automobile subject."


“ADI” (Association for Industrial Design) award –

by Peter Symonds, UK, 23 years old

Volvo S20 by Davide VarennaJury’s comment: "First, the carefulness and the creativeness applied in designing the dashboard and the steering wheel, not to
mention the neatness used in drawing the interior fitting in general, which results in a clear sense of
functionality and innovation; lastly, the graphic quality of the presentation of the product proposed, which is as
simple as communicative."

NOTE: The complete list of the top 20 projects in pdf format can be found on VirtualCar.


"Stile Italiano Giovani" aims at discovering talented people whose expressive skills can
adapt to further sectors such as fashion, advertising, animation.

This year Stile Italiano Giovani saw the participation of more than 140 young people, coming from twenty-seven countries. Just a bit more than half the number of projects arrived from Italy, but more than 30% of the total came from Eastern Europe. This confirms the high interest and the great liveliness around the theme of “design & automotive”. Lastly, 13 % of the projects came from different corners of the world, from India to Australia, Chile and Costa Rica (first presence for these 3 nations).

Stile Italiano Giovani highlights from one side the creativeness and the power of interpretation of young non-professional designers, and on the other side it celebrates the inventiveness and the entrepreneurial skill which have produced in Piemonte a real concentration of experience and know-how, unique in the world. And figures speak louder than words: the automotive sector in Piemonte is based on 1,200 companies, with around 70,000 workers and a turnover of 12 billion euros in 2005 (50% of the total Italian amount). Always in the automotive sector, exports recorded 4.5 billion euros in 2005.

The Baroque court by Filippo Juvarra is the prestigious backdrop of the eight concept cars provided by
some of the leading design companies, all associated to the Gruppo Carrozzieri ANFIA (Car
Coachbuilders Group): fabulous cars and ultramodern prototypes which constitute a symbol of how
Piedmontese style combines esthetical creativity and realising capability, creating the pure “made in

Together with cars you can find the hydrogen Hysyrider scooters, peculiar and innovative objects,
which are a result of the last applied research. This is another example of how the skills of Piedmontese
design companies, which have significantly contributed in transforming a simple demonstrative object to
a real jewel of great esthetical appeal.

Stile Italiano Giovani was created by the Torino Chamber of Commerce and the ANFIA Car
Coachbuilders Group, and co-financed by the European Union through funds of the Regione Piemonte
(DOCUP 2000-2006).

The exhibition has obtained the Full Endorsement of the President of the Italian Republic, as well as the
patronage of the Piemonte Region, the Torino City Hall and the provinces authorities.

STILE ITALIANO GIOVANI Exhibition information

  • Palazzo Birago, via Carlo Alberto 16 Torino – ITALY
  • June 8th – 18th
  • 10 –22, every day – FREE ENTRANCE

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