Hamann Ferrari F430 Spider

Special Cars 4 Apr 2006
Hamann Ferrari F430 Spider

Hamann Motorsport has unveiled a tuned version of the Ferrari F430 Spider. The kit includes many aerodynamic modifications and a new exhaust system that enables a power increase of 48 hp.

Body Design

Ferrari F430 Spider by HamannThe engineers of sports-car specialist HAMANN have designed a comprehensive aerodynamics
package for the Ferrari F430, taking up elements from motorsports and simultaneously presenting
pure understatement.

In the development of the HAMANN F430 this aspect was well
to the fore as well as optimizing weight and performance.

The innovatively designed front
spoiler gives the HAMANN F430 a striking and individual face and minimizes the lift force at
the front axle. Wide side sills impart a broader appearance and a more
dominant roadholding, by reinforcing the dynamic line of the basic model.

At the
back the newly designed rear diffuser catches the eye and the rear spoiler ensures a higher
downforce at the rear axle. All the add-on parts are optionally available in carbon-kevlar or fiberglass

Technical features

The HAMANN engineers have developed a complete high-performance sports exhaust
system including a high-performance collector and sports catalysts. The result of this
modification is a max power increased by 48 hp. The specially
designed four-branch sports rear mufflers release a powerful and sonorous sound. An alternative version is available as an optional with two tailpipes per side including throttle control.

Ferrari F430 Spider by Hamann - Front view
Ferrari F430 Spider by Hamann - Rear view

Ferrari F430 Spider by Hamann - Rear spoilerFor the F430 Spider Hamann has designed a new exclusive
coil suspension, that can be adjusted in height as well as in rebound and
compression. According to the manufacturer, the F430 reacts definitely more agile and more precisely to steering
changes and therefore offers remarkably sportier driving dynamics.

The brake system at the front axle has
been adapted to guarantee the same performances and control of the original F430.

For the rims, Hamann offers its multi-piece PG3 in classic five-spoke design, in 9×19-inch dimension with tires
size 255/30ZR19 front and in 11,5×19-inch dimension with tires size 295/30ZR19 or 13×19-
inch dimension with tires size 355/25ZR19 at the rear axle.

Ferrari F430 Spider by HamannAlternatively customers can choose the
multi-piece, forged ANNIVERSARY II
available for the Ferrari F430 in 9×19-inch dimension with tires size 255/30ZR19
front and 12,5×19-inch dimension with tires size 355/25ZR19 rear as well as 8,5×20-inch
dimension with tires 235/30ZR20 for the front axle and 12,5×20-inch dimension with tires size
335/25ZR20 for the rear axle.


The interior of the HAMANN Ferrari F430 is a successful mixture of luxurious and sporty features.

An exclusive full leather interior in all colors as well as a high-quality set of mats give
an elegant impression.

Suiting racing seats and sills create motorsports feeling.

(Source: Hamann)

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