Audi TT preview sketches

Automotive Design 14 Mar 2006
Audi TT preview sketches

Audi has released new teaser images of the next generation of the TT coupé. New updates can be downloaded through a desktop screensaver available from the Audi TT Lounge microsite.

New Audi TT - Design studyAudi is creating a suspense atmosphere for the launch of the new TT model, which is set for April the 6th.

The exclusive Audi TT microsite features a downloadable screesaver with some teaser images, a front view and three design sketches.

The screensaver can be updated with new images and information.

It requires a free registration.

Audi TT concept drawing
New Audi TT - preview image

(Source: Audi TT Lounge via Leftlane News,


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