Citroen Concept for 2054

Automotive Design 13 Mar 2006
Citroen Concept for 2054

Citroen has created a futuristic concept car for the year 2054, that will be featured in a French Sci-Fi animation movie named “Paris 2054 – Renaissance”, directed by Christian Volckman.

Citroen Reinassance 2005 ConceptAt the beginning Volckman wanted his hero to drive a Citroen DS, but when he asked the Car Manufacturer for permission, Citroen proposed him to work together with its designers to create a new futuristic concept vehicle.

The final design shows a vehicle with clean, flowing lines that reflect the graphic world and the noir atmosphere created by the director.

From the official Press Release:

True to its values of innovation and design, Citroën has created a car for 2054. Designed by the Citroën Styling team, the vehicle will be on show from 15 March 2006 in “Renaissance”, a futuristic feature film made by promising young director Christian Volckman.

Paris 2054 - Renaissance - Movie PosterCitroën vehicles have always been appreciated on film sets for their design and character. Today, the Marque is pursuing its experience on the silver screen by designing the first virtual car for an animation film.

Citroën was very much interested by the ambitious technical effects used in the film, such as motion capture and 3D. It therefore decided to commit fully to the “Renaissance” project by offering to design the hero’s car.

Christian Volckman, the director of “Renaissance”, had already looked into the subject of automotive design, so he naturally came to see Citroën.

“Initially, I wanted Karas, the hero, to drive a DS, so we went to ask Citroën for permission […]. Then Citroën suggested that we work with their designers. Their proposals were truly visionary.

“The final design of the car, produced after three months of close cooperation, perfectly fits the futuristic backdrop of the film”.

For the needs of “Renaissance”, Citroën had to adapt to the constraints of animation films. Meeting the requirements of the production staff was a challenge that sparked keen interest among the design team.

Citroën designers immersed themselves in the atmosphere of the film, and came up with a futuristic but realistic car, reflecting the graphic world created by the director.

Paris 2054 - Renaissance - Citroen Concept
Paris 2054 - Renaissance - Citroen Concept

The final design shows a vehicle whose clean, flowing lines reflect the pursuit of aerodynamic perfection that is specific to Citroën vehicles.

The eye-catching front end creates an impression of power, while the sharper lines of the rear end suggest stability and dynamic performance. The attention to detail, illustrated by the design of the wheels, for example, also contributes to the overall look of the car, accentuating its elegance.

Through this original partnership, Citroën is once more demonstrating its drive and its ability to innovate. This major project places the Marque at the heart of the future.

(Source: Citroen, Renaissance – Le film via VirtualCar)

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