Castagna Imperial Landaulet Concept

Concept Cars 13 Mar 2006
Castagna Imperial Landaulet Concept

At the Geneva Motor Show the Italian Coachbuilder Castagna has unveiled the Imperial Landaulet Concept, a prototype inspired by the 1930’s Isotta Fraschini models.

Castagna Imperial Landaulet ConceptThe Imperial Landaulet is almost six meters long and 1,65 meters high: among the main styling cues are the side air grilles, the long bonnet and the prominent wheelarches, that link the design to the classic cars of the 1920’s and 1930’s.

A more modern element is the design of the rear headlights and exhausts, both integrated in the wheelarch back section.

From the official Press Release:

Inspired by one of the most famous models invented by Castagna in the Thirties,
the Imperial Landaulet is a modern revisitation of a vehicle that has set itself the
ambitious target of creating an intelligent mix, the perfect balance between
elegance and sportiness.

The bodywork covers the mechanical parts of this four-wheel drive vehicle with
adjustable ground clearance and fitted with a dual compression engine with an
output of approximately 800hp, it’s a new kind of luxury that allows you to travel
anywhere in any kind of weather.

Castagna Imperial Landaulet ConceptThe design of the chassis respects the importance of the mechanics and is
dedicated to Castagna’s most noteworthy creations that made him become
famous in the Crazy Years: the Isotta Fraschini.

Its almost 6 metres of length have been “dressed” in an angular and slightly retro
body that is something between a coupé and an MPV. It has numerous edges,
surfaces and components that allow total customisation and colouration of its

The interior of the passenger cab is easily accessible through the two doors that
open like a book and have no central column: a running board appears
automatically, acting as a footrest.

The vehicle’s height (163cm) and its ground clearance make access to the vehicle
both easy and ergonomic: one does not feel as if one has to “climb” in or out of
this vehicle.

Castagna Imperial Landaulet ConceptAll items and luggage find a suitable space in the boot compartment, which
opens completely thanks to an hydraulic articulation (like Antonov’s front style)
and in the (temperature-controlled) central bulkhead compartment located
between the engine compartment and the passenger cab.

As in the period examples, in the Imperial Landaulet the back part of the glassed
roof slides backwards, leaving the rear seats open to the elements.
The powerful dual xenon front headlights are height-adjustable from inside the
vehicle and are complemented by led parking lights, turning indicator lights and
fog lights: just like those at the rear.

Both the front and rear bumpers are equipped with dynamic air scoops, in carbon
fibre, to properly manage aerodynamic airflow and provide cooling for the

(Source: Carrozzeria Castagna Milano)

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