A.D. Tramontana

Special Cars 8 Mar 2006
A.D. Tramontana

Advanced Design (A.D.) Tramontana has unveiled an extreme supercar powered by a central V12 biturbo engine delivering more than 700 hp. It will be launched during 2006.

a.d. TramontanaThe new car is based on the concept presented by a.d. Tramontana at the Geneva Motor Show in 2005.

The success of the original prototype pushed the of the Catalan company to develop the final production model, unveiled at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show.

According to its creators, Tramontana supercar is an heir of Spain’s automotive laegacy, including Hispano Suiza and Pegaso.

The car will be custom-designed and built according to the personal requirements of each client.

a.d. Tramontana
a.d. Tramontana

“This is done first by conducting an ergonomical study of the measurements of the driver, then by using the materials of his or her choice and, finally, by differentiating each unit with an engraving of a poetic verse in the chassis of the car.”

a.d. Tramontana
a.d. Tramontana
Depending on the customer’s rquirements, the insertions can be made of the finest materials: wood, stainless steel, gold, etc. The wood, for example, is treated with very ancient Japanese method, URUSHI (natural lacquer).

AD Tramontana ChassisThese characteristics assure that each Tramontana is a unique work of art modelled on the specific desires of the client.

The technical features include a central V12 bi-turbo engine that delivers more than 700 horsepower.

The body panels are made of carbon fibre and the underneath aluminium structure combines an indeformable central zone with eight other zones of shock absorption. According to the Costa Brava-based company, “these characteristics offer such a safety level that is comparable to a professional racing car.”

The cabin has two tandem-like seats, that give the driver and passenger a racing-like sensantion.

AD Tramontana ChassisCompany’s plans are to build 12 units a year.

AD Tramontana technical data


  • Length: 4850mm
  • Width: 2080 mm
  • Height: 1300 mm
  • Weight: 1150 kg


  • Engine: V12 5.5 litre, twin turbocharged
  • Max Power: 720 hp
  • Max Torque: 825 Nm
  • Transmission: Rear wheel drive, traction control
  • Gearbox: Six speed
  • Brakes: 4 ventilated discs 355 mm with six pistons caliper
  • Wheels: 18″ magnesium alloy
  • Tyres: Front 285/35, Rear 335-30
  • Suspension: 4 independent wheel, hydraulic dampers


  • Max speed: +300 km/h
  • Acceleration 0-100 km/h: -4 sec
  • Weight to power ratio: 1.6 kg/hp
a.d. Tramontana
a.d. Tramontana
a.d. Tramontana
a.d. Tramontana at 2006 Geneva Motor Show

(Source: AD Tramontana)

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