Bertone Suagnà Concept

Concept Cars 3 Mar 2006
Bertone Suagnà Concept

Bertone has unveiled the Suagnà concept, an interpretation of the coupé-cabriolet theme based on the Fiat Grande Punto and dedicated to young drivers.

Unveiled at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show, the Suagnà concept strengthens the collaboration between Bertone and Fiat, which started more than ninety years ago and produced more than 95 vehicles.

The name of the latest concept car by Bertone “comes from the adjective “suagnà” which, in Piedmontese dialect, means a job done painstakingly, paying scrupulous attention to every detail.”


Bertone Suagnà Concept

The Suagnà concept features a strong personality, with the front and rear views characterized by a hollow effect and “boomerang” light clusters, inscribed like scratches inside a metal band.

The 18” alloy wheels also contribute to this sensation of sporty aggressiveness.

The extremely dynamic volumetric proposal that resulted is based on a coupé body. The high, muscular tail holds the roof, which folds in two and disappears into the boot. The rear end links up to the high, arching waist-line, which gives tension to the whole side. The way the masses seem to urge forward is partly the effect of a slash that emphasises the arched waist-line.

Bertone Suagnà

The Bertone Suagnà has a strong, aggressive graphic identity, the result of uncompromising stylistic research, over and above the latest fashions, in the best Bertone tradition.

The interior was designed to offer passengers four “proper” seats and a spacious roominess typical of a higher segment.

The anatomical seats, have differentiated upholstery: leather side strips with a specal “crumpled” effect, and a central strip in a luxurious “high-tech” fabric, which seems to be woven with intertwined aluminium. The graphics of the extremely sporty instrumentation reflect the car’s dynamic, sparkling image.

Bertone Suagnà interior sketch
Bertone Suagnà interior sketch

The roof system of the Bertone Suagnà was designed and built in a short time by CTS, Car Top System, a German convertible specialist.

Bertone Suagnà roof system

Bertone Suagnà front view

The roof system consists of a two piece retractable hard top. The main advantage of this roof concept with the steep backlite is that it makes the parcel shelf unnecessary.

Its distinguishing feature is the steep backlite that can be lowered independently of whether the roof is open or closed.

It is thus possible to travel with the roof closed and the backlite lowered, so as to have a fresh air supply inside the cab. With the roof open, on the other hand, the backlite can be raised to serve as an antibuffet screen.

Bertone Suagnà main specifications

  • Length: 4173 mm
  • Height: 1380 mm
  • Width: 1773 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2511 mm
  • Tyres: 255/45 – 18

(Source: Bertone)

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