Fioravanti Skill Concept

Concept Cars 1 Mar 2006
Fioravanti Skill Concept

Fioravanti Skill is a 2 seater concept based on the new Fiat Punto which adopts a new patented solution for the retractable rigid roof. It can be easily transformed from a coupé into a small spider with a pick-up look.

In 2001 Fioravanti unveiled the Alfa Romeo Vola, a concept characterized by its innovative rotating roof, which is now adopted on the Ferrari Superamerica.

Now, at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show Fioravanti presents a new patent solution for the roof closing system. It is featured on the Skill concept, a compact two-seats car based on the Fiat Grande Punto dedicated to young people: a “fun pick up spider” that, thanks to a boot capacity of 750 l. and to an integrated structure, allows to easily carry bikes, ski, snowboards, surfboards, go-kart, etc.

This solution is characterized by a simple cynematic and allows to keep the weight in the dynamically safer area. The roof , doing a rotation of 90°, and the rear window doing a translation, they lodge their self in a vertical position in a specific area between the seats and the boot itself.

Fioravanti Skill
Fioravanti Skill

Fioravanti Skill sketch

The rear pillars contain the roof and the rear window moving mechanisms, they are also utilized for further integrated functions such as: the roll bar, the stop and the boot lights and the loudspeakers.

This project could enable, given small investments, to have an affordable niche product.

Fioravanti Skill Dimensions

  • Length: 4030 mm
  • Width: 1690 mm
  • Height: 1470 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2510 mm
Fioravanti Skill
Fioravanti Skill
Fioravanti Skill
Fioravanti Skill

(Source: Fioravanti)

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