Rinspeed zaZen

Concept Cars 24 Feb 2006
Rinspeed zaZen

Defined as a kind of “automotive enlightenment” on wheels, Rinspeed zaZen makes its debut at the Geneva and showcases a series of innovative technologies and materials.

Rinspeed zaZenThe main partner for the development of Rinspeed “zaZen” was Bayer MaterialScience, one of the world’s largest plastics producers, which provided the material for the roof dome, made in a single piece of high-tech Makrolon® polycarbonate, whose transparency can be switched-on/off.

Among the original features, the holographic brake lamp and the extensive use of Swarovski crystals, and the transparent backlite
turned into a luminous holographic area.

The polycarbonate roof dome down looks like a floating transparent hardtop.

Rinspeed zaZenThe vehicle concept was born at the Swiss engineering
specialists, Esoro, and was designed by Frank M.


The body design has elements borrowed from the European Coupé tradition: the whole profile of the car has a Porsche-like character, while the fron headlights are very similar to those featured on the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti and the new Ferrari 599 GTB.

The surface coating of the “zaZen” is a
white mineral shade based on the Bayer raw materials, Desmodur® and Desmophen®.

“It is
certainly not gaudy, but unassumingly beautiful through the millions of tiny precious
Swarovski crystals protected by a self-healing polyurethane clear coat.”

This so-called “crystal skin” finish was developed and applied by the Austrian surface coating specialists,
Karl Seelos.

Swarovski crystals are also used in trimmings on the
front, side and rear lamps, the wheel rims and the original 3D rear decorative panel.

Rinspeed zaZen
Rinspeed zaZen

Interior Design

Rinspeed zaZen InteriorThe interior fittings of the “zaZen” are also dominated by this ethos of transparency and
reduction to essentials, cleverly combined with strategically placed highlights.

transparent plastic seat shells of Makrolon® fitted with Technogel® upholstery were
produced in cooperation with Recaro.

A bright, friendly mango-orange color has been
chosen for the rest of the leather/fabric interior trim. It was made by hand by Strähle&Hess, SC Schäfer, OesterleSLR and Sellner.

Together with the Luoro Faia plantation
wood – also in the dashboard area – it creates an interior that radiates warmth and

Rinspeed zaZen InteriorRinspeed zaZen top viewTechnical features

The “zaZen”, which weighs 1,495 kg, is powered by a 355 bhp 6-cylinder boxer engine
from the Porsche 997 Carrera S.

It has a top speed of 293 kph and accelerates from 0 to
100 kph in exactly 4.8 sec.

Should the “zaZen” be built in a small series at some time in the future, Rinspeed will consider – in line with its tradition – offering it with an
environmentally friendly natural gas propulsion system.

At 6,600 rpm, the engine has a maximum torque of 400 Nm, which is transmitted to the
rear axle via a manual six-speed transmission.

Rinspeed zaZen rear 3d panel Rinspeed zaZen brake calipers Rinspeed zaZen rear crystal headlights Rinspeed zaZen headrest Rinspeed zaZen crystal lamps

Rinspeed ZezenThe necessary traction is provided by
Dunlop tires with Touch Technology (245/30-20 at the front and 305/25-20 at the rear),
mounted on lightweight Rinspeed five-spoke rims (8.5 x 20” at the front and 11 x 20” at
the rear) made by CW Fahrzeugtechnik (Borbet Group).

The body – for which the molds were produced using modeling foam – sits
on a 4x adjustable chassis specially designed by KW automotive.

Here, the designers
have managed to perform the rare feat of creating an outstanding synthesis of drive
comfort and sporty handling.


(Source: Rinspeed)

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