Volkswagen Concept A

Concept Cars 19 Feb 2006
Volkswagen Concept A

Volkswagen Concept A is a crossover between a coupé and a compact SUV. Among the main features: opposing opening wind doors, 20-inches wheels and 4Motion all-drive system coupled with VW’s DSG transmission.

The Concept A proposes Volkswagen’s vision for a future crossover vehicle: it combines a sporty and dynamic look, with relevant dimensions – 4,348 mm long, 1,854 mm wide and 1,551 mm high – and Volkswagen state-of-the-art technology.

Volkswagen Concept AThe design follows the more recent trends: even if with SUV-like proportions, the vehicle’s profile is sleek and the body volume expresses dynamicity thanks to the large 20-inches wheels with 295/40 tyres and to the small overhangs.

Another interesting feature is the absence of the B-pillars which, combined with the opposing opening wing doors, allows easy access for passengers.

The interior has four individual leather seats. The cabin has a feeling of space and light, enhanced by a concertina-style soft-top which slides all the way back to the C-pillar.

Volkswagen Concept A is powered by a 150 hp TSI engine, that uses a turbo + supercharger technology, coupled with a six-speed DSG transmission and the 4Motion system currently employed in the Passat and Golf R32. Alternative engines, including TDI diesel units, could also be used in the concept.

Volkswagen Concept A Volkswagen Concept A

Volkswagen Concept A was unveiled on 17th February in Berlin and will be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show.

Volkswagen has not confirmed production plans for the vehicle.

Volkswagen Concept A

Volkswagen Concept A Volkswagen Concept A

Volkswagen Concept AExterior Design

According to Volkswagen, “the concept combines a sleek coupe-style silhouette with the raised stance of an SUV.”

“At the front, the shield-like front grill which is common to the Passat and Jetta has been developed to emphasise Concept A’s off-road styling by forming part of the underbody protection.

“High-efficiency LED headlights add a further modern touch.”

“At the rear, Concept A has a practical hatchback tailgate; but this is coupled to a pick-up style fold-down rear section beneath the rear LED light clusters.”

“This hatch can be opened independently and remain open while driving so long loads can be carried.”

(Source: Volkswagen)

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