Pininfarina manager Lorenzo Ramaciotti about car design

Automotive Design 7 Feb 2006
Pininfarina manager Lorenzo Ramaciotti about car design

Automotive News Europe Magazine publishes an interesting interview to Lorenzo Ramaciotti, ex Chief Designer at Pininfarina, who speaks about design trends and the influences that concept cars have had on production vehicles in the last years.

Alfa Romeo NuvolaIn this interesting article by Luca Ciferri, Lorenzo Ramaciotti underlines how some particular prototypes had a major influence on the design trends: the 1996 Lincoln Sentinel concept set the beginning of “New Edge Design” for Ford; the 1996 Alfa Romeo Nuvola showed many styling cues that would be featured in the next Alfa Romeo models; the Smart ForTwo was inspired by another concept, the Eta Beta by Pininfarina…

He also speaks about recent trends like minivan vehicles and duotone body colours.

The article is also available in pdf format.

Lorenzo Ramaciotti worked as chief designer at Pininfarina from 1988 until retiring in July 2005.

(Source: Automotive News Europe)

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