Lancia Haizea by IED

Concept Cars 6 Feb 2006
Lancia Haizea by IED

The Lancia Haizea is a design study created by the European Institute of Design to emphasize the sportivity inclination of the Lancia brand. It will be unveiled at Geneva 2006.

For the third year at the Geneva Motor Show the European Insitute of Design (IED, Turin, Italy) will display a concept vehicle: the Lancia Haizea (i.e. “Wind” in Basque).

Lancia Haizea design sketchThe Haizea is one of the projects developed by the students of the Master in Transportation Design – Work Experience (year 2004-2005), coordinated by Hernan Charalambopoulos. After a selection, two projects were selected for the exterior (by Iker Lòpez) and the interior (by Yavuz Akyldiz).

The model is full scale, and features – according to the project – central engine and rear wheel drive, with the front wheels housing two electric motors to achieve an optimum weight distribution.

The dimensions are 4,695 mm (length), 1,935 (width) and 1,420 mm (height).

The cabin was designed as a central element developed longitudinally. It absorbs crash energy in case of accident and provides anchor points for the seats and dashboard. The style is based on mass asymmetry.

The original aim of the course was to study the different identities of the Lancia brand: from luxury to sportivity, through the design analysis of the most significant models from the past.

(Source: VirtualCar)

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