Bmw Z4 Coupé: design mini-analysis

Production Cars 25 Jan 2006
Bmw Z4 Coupé: design mini-analysis

Bmw has released the official pictures of its Z4 coupé: we took this opportunity to make a side-by-side comparison between the original Bmw Z4 Concept Coupé and the new production model.

When the Z4 Concept was released, on September 2005 at Frankfurt, we all knew that it was a prototype “very close” to production.

A couple of months later, Bmw officially announced that the Z4 Coupé would go on production. Now that the first official images have been released, we found that the production model is indeed very similar to its concept counterpart.

Bmw Z4 Concept Coupé
Bmw Z4 Coupé
The Z4 Concept Coupé

(photo post-processed by Car Body Design)

The Z4 production model (original image)

In the side view, the two cars are practically identical, especially in the roof line that defines the general profile of the vehicle.

Bmw Z4 Coupe Concept
Bmw Z4 Coupé
Bmw Z4 Concept Coupe Detail Bmw Z4 Coupe Detail
Above: the Bmw Z4 Concept Coupé Above: the new Bmw Z4 Coupé
Bmw Z4 Coupe Concept-Production front end profile
Bmw Z4 Coupe Concept Headlight Bmw Z4 Coupe Headlight
Bmw Z4 Coupe Concept-Production front

The front profile reveals the new side direction indicators integrated in the wheel-arch edge. The production spoiler is different, but definitely not worse.

In the rear end, the main differences are the headlights and the different design of the rear bumper.

Bmw Z4 Concept Coupé rear bumper
Bmw Z4 Coupé rear bumper
The Bmw Z4 Concept Coupé bumper The new Bmw Z4 Coupé bumper

Even if the original lights were more sporty-looking (reminding us of the classic Ferrari tailgate design), we think that the bumper of the production model is a more coherent solution, with a sharp line defining the corner edge of the vehicle.

(Source: Bmw)

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