Lexus ROV Concept

Concept Cars, News 3 Dec 2021
Lexus ROV Concept

The Lexus ROV (Recreational Off-highway Vehicle) Concept is a luxury recreational off-road vehicle powered by the brand’s first hydrogen engine.

Lexus has revealed a new ROV (Recreational Off-highway Vehicle) Concept, a unique hydrogen-powered vehicle offering near zero-emissions driving combined with extreme off-road capability.

Lexus ROV Concept

For the Lexus ROV Concept, the design team developed a vehicle inspired by the brand’s current design language. The car is a pure off-road vehiclefeaturing exposed suspension, protective cage and chunky off-road tyres for driving along muddy tracks. Dimensions are: 3,120 mm (length), 1,725 mm (width), 1,800 mm (height).

Lexus ROV Concept

With the Lexus’ “human centred” philosophy as their starting point, the design team wanted to create the kind of vehicle people would expect from a luxury carmaker yet without losing the rugged performance of an ROV.

Lexus ROV Concept

They designed a body that could protect passengers, incorporate the iconic Lexus signature grille and preserve enough travel for the front suspension. In addition, the front fenders were conceived to offer protection against any stray rocks and mud.

Lexus ROV Concept

The suspension cover, connected to the rear hydrogen fuel tank, protects functional parts as well as conveying the sense of durability inherited from Lexus SUVs.

Lexus ROV Concept

The dark bronze paint is carefully crafted along with a lightweight body and suspension designed for both comfort and fun off-road driving. Lexus ‘L’-motif front and rear lights and the rear LEXUS badge express the latest Lexus design language.

Lexus ROV Concept Interior Design

Inside, based on the Tazuna concept, it has a simple meter that instantly reads the information the driver needs while the driver concentrates on driving.

The new concept showcases high build quality with a luxury feel of craftsmanship in both the interior and exterior, as never been seen before in a ROV.

Lexus ROV Concept Wheel Design

Luxury details include a leather steering wheel and a sculpted shift knob and seats which feature suspension elements that smooth bumps out of the ride. The seats are upholstered in hard-wearing synthetic leather. For demanding off-road driving, the first Lexus hydrogen ICE will meet all the carmaker’s stringent requirements for QDR (Quietness, Durability, Reliability).

Lexus ROV Concept

Power comes from a 1.0-litre hydrogen engine coupled with a high-pressure tank for compressed hydrogen which is delivered by a direct hydrogen injector. Importantly, Lexus’ new hydrogen engine produces close to zero emissions, with a negligible amount of engine oil burned during driving.

Lexus ROV Concept Interior Design

The car is base don a lightweight body composed of a strong pipe frame and suspension that boasts a large amount of travel.

Lexus ROV Concept

(Source: Lexus)

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