Buick Smart Pod Concept

Concept Cars 24 Nov 2021
Buick Smart Pod Concept

Created by GM’s Advanced Design Studio in the US and unveiled at Auto Guangzhou 2021, the Smart Pod Concept is a futuristic autonomous vehicle based on the Ultium platform.

The Smart Pod allows users to maximize their productivity while experiencing a world-class level of comfort, safety and connectivity for hub-to-hub transportation.

“The Smart Pod is a bold design concept that looks at the full potential of advanced technologies in electrification, automated driving and digitalized connectivity, delivered in a warm, tactile and luxurious manner,” said GM China and GM International Vice President of Design Stuart Norris.

Buick Smart Pod Concept

Focusing on personal space and well-being, the Smart Pod is a fully autonomous electric vehicle built on the groundbreaking Ultium platform and the VIP electric architecture. It has unique proportions, and offers comfort and plenty of space.

Buick Smart Pod Concept

Rather than traditional headlamps and taillamps, the Smart Pod’s sleek exterior incorporates micro-LED lighting technology.

Buick Smart Pod Concept

Its dynamic wake-up lighting animation and sliding door welcome passengers when they approach, delivering a personalized and high-tech feeling.

Buick Smart Pod Concept

Once inside, passengers are immersed in a premium environment. The Smart Pod’s airy roof and innovative glass lattice maximize visibility, creating a connected feeling with nature. With the innovative sleep seat, which fully reclines, the Smart Pod offers the most comfortable and efficient method of commuting. The multi-variable seating layout further facilitates networking and rest.

Buick Smart Pod Concept Interior Design

The interior also conveys GM’s sustainability philosophy, with the adoption of premium and natural materials. Deployable tables, enhanced noise-canceling technology, an ambient sound management system, an air purifying system and other thoughtful details further contribute to the first-class ambience and pleasant multi-sensory experience.

Buick Smart Pod Concept Interior Design

The Smart Pod features a 50-inch retractable retina LED screen, the latest-generation virtual cockpit system provides a highly intuitive AI-enabled experience for in-car virtual assistance and seamless connectivity with the outside world.

Buick Smart Pod Concept Interior Design


Buick Smart Pod Concept Interior Design

Thanks to intelligent voice command and advanced eye-tracking technology, the smart cabin supports enhanced navigation and real-time integration with personal devices, and serves as a remote office.

Buick Smart Pod Concept Interior Design

Through its artificial intelligence and machine learning capability, the concept vehicle adapts to the user, making personalized suggestions for a variety of functions – from infotainment to comfort to vehicle operation.

(Source: Buick)

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