Happy Holidays!

Announcements 26 Dec 2019

(Thanks to our friend Bernie Walsh for the traditional Christmas Card)


We wish all of you and your families happy and peaceful holidays and a great 2020!


We are still in a phase of transformation that has partly affected the normal scheduling in 2019. For 2020 we plan to be back at our normal pace as well as to start publishing new exclusive content, starting from January, when we’ll share an exciting project we were recently involved in.


Thank you all for your continued support!


See You in 2020!



Marco Traverso
Founder of Car Body Design

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Peugeot 910

Peugeot 910

The Peugeot 910 is a three-seater compact vehicle with a panoramic glass roof, an exterior design with rounded-shaped volumes and transparent surfaces for maximizing visibility.
Peugeot Concept LiiON

Peugeot Concept LiiON

The Liion Concept combines car and motorcycle design: it is a three-wheeler sporty vehicle, with a rear in-wheel electric motor and powered by Li-ion cells.
Remembering Syd Mead (1933-2019)

Remembering Syd Mead (1933-2019)

Legendary Visual Futurist, concept artist and designer Syd Mead has passed away at the age of 86. Renown for his illustrations and work on movies such as Blade Runner and Tron, he is a legend in the design community.


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