New Renault Captur: the design

Production Cars 8 Jul 2019
New Renault Captur: the design

Succeeding the first generation Captur, which has has sold 1.2 million units since its launch in 2013, the all-new Captur showcases a refreshed exterior, a new interior design, and an overall modernization of the onboard technologies.

New Renault Captur Design Sketch Render

From the official Press Release:


The new model is longer than before by 110mm and with a higher waistline. The SUV stance is enhanced by the tough-looking front and rear protection skid plates, the chunky protective moldings that run the entire length of the lower body and the prominent wheel arch extensions.

New Renault Captur Design Sketch Render

Additional features are the contoured wings, scalloped sides and the ‘floating roof’ treatment.

New Renault Captur Design Sketch Render

At the front is a wider grille, while the All-New Captur’s expressive front bumper features two wide air deflectors in front of the wheel arches that help limit turbulence and reduce aerodynamic drag, helping to further improve fuel consumption.

New Renault Captur


The All-New Captur’s appearance is pushed further upmarket by the use of chrome trim for the window surrounds, the bodyside moldings and the inserts set into the front wings. The material is also used to embellish the tailgate.

New Renault Captur Headlight Design Sketch Render

Another new feature is the standard fitment of 100 percent LED headlamps across the range. Surrounded by Renaut’s trademark C-Shape daylight running light signature, these units are seamlessly integrated into the design, with elements of the chrome grille running into the lamps.

New Renault Captur Headlight and front end detail

At the slim rear lights on the All-New Captur retain the C-Shape light signature that typifies the Renault vehicle.

New Renault Captur Design Sketch Render

New Renault Captur Tail Light Design Sketch Render

A first on a production model! As at the front, there are additional front segments (1 per light) and side segments (8 per light) to further emphasize the design, and the distinctive 3D mesh. The original design of these rear lights, mounted as they are in the tailgate panel, provide the illusion of an extra wide vehicle.

New Renault Captur

Adding further visual appeal are the inclusion of new exterior colors, including Atacama Orange, Flame Red and Iron Blue, which emphasize its athletic, dynamic design and the contrasting finish of the ‘floating roof’, which can be finished in Midnight Black, Atacama Orange, Highland Grey or Alabaster White.

New Renault Captur Design Process Design Sketching on the Cintiq

New Renault Captur

It can also be fitted with longitudinal roof bars or a semi-glazed opening sunroof.

Interior Design

The interior revolution first seen in the All-New Clio continues on the All-New Captur, which is roomier and more practical.

New Renault Captur Interior Design Sketch Render

Overall length has increased by 11 centimeters over the previous model, creating even more space for occupants and their luggage. Not only is there 17 mm more legroom in the rear, boot capacity has been increased by a significant 81 liters, up to 536 liters. The cabin also includes 27 liters of storage.

New Renault Captur Interior

Like the All-New Clio the All-New Captur gets the “Smart Cockpit” layout that’s angled slightly towards the driver, plus it also features a brand-new floating console. Housing the latest technologies and boasting the biggest screens in its category it delivers a more immersive driving experience.

New Renault Captur Interior

The entire cabin makes use of high-grade materials; soft coverings for the dashboard, door panels, the contour of the centre console; meticulously finished fittings; and a new seat architecture.

At the heart of the interior revolution is the “Smart Cockpit” concept, which features the optional 9.3-inch infotainment screen, which is the biggest in the class.

New Renault Captur Interior Design Sketch Render

With its portrait layout and slightly curved screen it’s both easier to use and brings cutting edge modernity to the passenger compartment. By being angled towards the driver it gives easy access to the All-New connected Renault EASY LINK multimedia system, navigation and infotainment services, as well as the MULTI-SENSE settings and the driving aids settings.

The “Smart Cockpit” is further enhanced by the TFT digital screen that replaces the traditional analogue instrument cluster. Offered in either 7 or 10-inch layouts it offers clear and intuitive display, plus it can be easily customized. On versions with the larger 10-inch version you can even have turn-by-turn sat-nav instructions beamed to the display. Crucially, when specified with the 9.3 and 10-inch screens, the All-New Captur has one of the biggest combined display layouts in its class.

Set below the “Smart Cockpit” screens is the bold flying centre console. Set high for improved driving and handy placement of the gear-lever, it also gives the interior a more streamlined appearance. Importantly, it also frees up space for general storage and a wireless pad for smartphone charging. On models fitted with the EDC dual clutch transmission, the floating centre console gets a futuristic “e-shifter” gear selector that features an illuminated outer edge and can be customized with contrasting colored coverings.

The rest of the dashboard hasn’t been ignored and from top to bottom the entire layout has been redesigned and the quality improved, with a soft touch foam-like covering for the lower section that houses practical elements such as the glovebox. Further up the dash is separated in two horizontal strips that houses the air vents above and the customizable decorative inserts below. Below this are the carefully laid out strip of buttons, including those for the climate control.

Besides the Smart Cockpit that helps to create an immersive driving experience, the All-New Captur has many features to improve the experience of its occupants. A semi-panoramic sunroof option creates a brighter ambience, while the seats, windscreen and steering wheel can all be heated to overcome any wintry shivers.

Further improvements to comfort and user friendliness include the option of a frameless rear-view mirror, automatic parking brake and door storage compartments that can accommodate a 1.5-litre bottles. Up front there’s a central armrest containing two USB sockets, while rear seat passengers get a 12 V socket.

The steering wheel has also been slimmed down thanks to the use of a more compact airbag than on the previous model. Not only is it better to hold, it offers a clearer view the instruments, plus it’s equipped with a new and more comprehensive set of back-lit controls and high-quality satin inserts. Models fitted with the EDC dual clutch gearbox also benefit from gearshift mounted on the steering wheel.

Getting comfortable behind the wheel is made easier thanks to an entirely new seat design, with a seat base that is 15 millimetres longer and has a more enveloping shape to provide greater support. And thanks to their more accessible controls, they are both more ergonomic and easier to adjust. Rear seat passengers benefit too, thanks to the hollowed out semi-rigid shell backing that boosts legroom by 17mm. Furthermore, the new, comma-shaped headrests improve forward visibility from the rear.

A key strength of the previous Captur was the adaptability if its interior, and this has been further improved with All-New Captur. The sliding rear bench seat has been carried over, which allows 16 cm of movement to either make more space for passengers or to increase the size of the boot. The rear bench seat can also be folded down in a 1/3 or 2/3 pattern, liberating a maximum payload length of 1.57 m with an almost completely flat floor. A further benefit is the movable boot floor that can be used to split the payload volume into two levels, creating more space or a totally flat loading lip with hidden storage below.

Technical Features

The All-New Captur is available with a wider range of redesigned gasoline and diesel engines, plus the addition of a E-TECH plug-in hybrid, which will join the range in 2020.

(Source: Renault)

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New Renault Captur: the design - Image 19
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