Mullen Qiantu K50

Special Cars 2 May 2019
Mullen Qiantu K50

At the New York Auto Show Mullen Technologies has presented the Qiantu K50, an electric sportscar set to be launched in 2020.

The K50 is a project by the Chinese  Qiantu Motor which will be assembled ans sold by American EV maker Technologies.

Mullen Qiantu K50 Design

The design uses flowing lines and features a strong visual contrast between the body color and the exposed carbon fiber of the side and front panels.

Mullen Qiantu K50 Front End Design

The car is equipped with a dual-motors system – one at the front axle and one at the rear – with a total output of more than 400 hp and a range of up to 250 miles. The top speed is limited to 125 mph and the 0-60 mph sprint takes 4.6 seconds.

Mullen Qiantu K50 Aluminum Spaceframe Structure

The K50 is based on an advanced high-strength aluminium frame structure, which enables a 38% weight reduction compared to steel, coupled with carbon-fiber body panels that have a total weight of just 46.7 kg.

Mullen Qiantu K50 Aluminum Spaceframe Structure and Carbon Body Panels

The structure is modular and and flexible and can accommodate different battery configurations and technologies.

Mullen Qiantu K50 Interior Design

The interior is characterzied by luxury and tech-focused features, including: high-quality leather and Alcantara sports seats, all LED lighting system, in-car Solar Energy Air Circulation System and three driving modes (Adaptive, Sport and Boost).

Mullen Qiantu K50 Interior Design

The car is planned to be homologated, assembled and sold in North America woith first deliveries expected in 2020.

Mullen Qiantu K50 Render

Mullen Qiantu K50 Render

Mullen Qiantu K50 Render

(Source: Mullen Technologies)

Image Gallery

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Mullen Qiantu K50 - Image 1
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Mullen Qiantu K50 - Image 12
Mullen Qiantu K50 - Image 13
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