Seat Minimó Concept

Concept Cars, News 27 Feb 2019
Seat Minimó Concept

The Seat Minimó is a study of an all-electric futuristic quadricycle that shows the company’s vision for the future of personal mobility sharing systems.

The Minimó was specifically designed for shared mobility services, and can reportedly reduce operation costs by up to 50% thanks to solutions like an innovative battery swap system.

Seat Minimo Concept Exterior Design

Minimó can comfortably transport two people with minimum footprint, thanks to a length of 2.5m and a width of 1.24m, which result in a reduced footprint of only 3.1m2, much less than a regular city car (around 7.2m2).

Seat Minimo Concept Exterior Design

The driving experience and comfort are enhanced  by the large, uncovered, 17-inch wheels, a high SUV-like seating position and spaciousness for the passenger.

Seat Minimo Concept Exterior Design

The design of the single headlight was inspired by the world of motorcycles, while the rear light borrows design cues from aeronautics.

Seat Minimo Concept Exterior Design

The doors are asymmetrical and hinged to open in the tightest of spaces. The smaller left driver’s door means more space can be given to the vehicle’s glasshouse increasing visibility for passengers, while the larger right passenger door makes entering and exiting the vehicle effortless.

Seat Minimo Concept Interior Design

“The design of the Minimó shows the way we understand urban mobility: efficiency, high value and cost saving – combined with a vibrant design. Our Minimó demonstrates that there is space for fun and style when we are talking about electric and shared vehicles. More than ever – design matters.” said Alejandro Mesonero, Design Director at SEAT.

Seat Minimo Concept Design Battery Detail

The Minimó has a range of up to 62 miles (100km) on a single charge. Packaged under the floor of the vehicle in an accessible frame, the battery can be swapped with a fresh pack in a matter of seconds.

The cabin has a 1+1 layout, with equal amounts of room for both driver and passenger.

Seat Minimo Concept Interior Design

The rear passenger is finished in soft, smooth materials, clean aesthetics and sensual shut lines. As the rear space does away with a traditional fixed seat, the sense of space and comfort is heightened.

Should the Minimó be driven solo, because the rear seat forms an unbroken part of the interior there is ample space for luggage, adding to the vehicle’s practicality and also hinting at possible future uses for the Minimó in non-passenger vehicle guises.

Seat Minimo Concept Exterior Design

In the front, the Minimó remains a driver’s vehicle: the vehicle is based on a stiff chassis, with the 17-inch wheels placed at its far corners, with a lightweight, yet robust, body structure.

Seat Minimo Concept Exterior Design

The vehicle offers connectivity solutions to provide a seamless digital experience for the user (private and sharing) based on digital key and wireless Android Auto™ technology. A central digital display behind the steering wheel combines the functions of cluster instrument and digital content from the user smartphone with the necessary safety driving requirements.

The platform is also ready for future developments. The Minimó is preparing for future Level 4 autonomous technologies, which would allow the vehicle to pick up the user when requested, solving one of the main frustrations of car sharers.

The Minimó concept car will make its world debut at the 2019 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and will also be shown at Geneva International Motor Show in March.

(Source: Seat)

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