Design vs Styling: Luciano Bove explains the difference

Design vs Styling: Luciano Bove explains the difference

Luciano Bove, currently Renault R&D Senior Design Manager, has posted a video that explains the much debated difference between styling and design.

Our friend Luciano Bove is one of the very few car designers working for major carmakers who are active online and willing to share their experience, not only with sketching training courses, but also giving insights on the car designer career in real-world contexts.

In his latest post on his blog and in the video reported below, he shares his vision about the difference between Design and Styling, and speaks about today’s car design industry and education.

He also touches on other topic like concept designers, concept cars, team work in car design schools, and answers questions from the live stream viewers.

This is a must-see video for anyone who is studying car design or interested in car design.

“[..] if you have a creative role in a Design Dept of a company (any company) you are a “designer” and you are working on a Design project. […] Designers (and Design in general) are people that went to Design schools (and not Styling schools) to learn how to use their creativity to make a better looking and functional product. […]”

For more educational resources and interesting articles check or Luciano’s YouTube channel.

(Source: Luciano Bove)


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