Smart Forease Concept

Concept Cars 19 Oct 2018
Smart Forease Concept

The Smart Forease Concept presented at the Paris Show is a study of an electric city car with an essential, open design inspired by past concept cars.

Celebrating the brand’s 20th anniversary, the Smart Forease Concept combines real-world electric technology that anticipates solutions for future models, with a concept-esque design that takes inspiration from concept cars like the 2001 Crossblade and 2011 ForSpeed.

Smart Forease Concept Design Sketch Render

The main design feature is the open layout, with no roof and a shorter windscreen. Other original details include the handles, which are recessed in the door, and the large rear spoiler integrated in the tail volume.

Smart Forease Concept

The domes behind the seats provide safety and echo the shape of the tail lights.

Smart Forease Concept

The color scheme – both outside and inside – blends the metallic-white paint finish with the matt-silver Tridion cell and the brilliant green accents both inside and outside.

Smart Forease Concept Interior

The main values behind the design are “unconventional beauty”, lightness and energy. “The smart forease is proof that smart thinks unconventionally. Its design is reduced and pure,” says Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer, Daimler AG. “The smart forease is a statement of urbanity and individual style. It has the coolness of the metropolis and demonstrates a truly free spirit.”

Smart Forease Concept Interior

The concept previews the future electric model line-up: since 2017 Smart has already switched to electric-only models in the US, and from 2020, it will be marketing only battery-electric cars in Europe, too.

Smart Forease Concept at 2018 Paris Show

Smart Forease Concept at 2018 Paris Show

Smart Forease Concept at 2018 Paris Show

2001 Crossblade Concept

Presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 2001, the Crossblade show car met with such an overwhelming response that smart decided to go into series production with it.

2001 Smart Crossblade

From 2002, a small batch of 2000 units was characterized by total openness.

The Smart Crossblade had no doors, roof or windscreen. Its driver was able to drive through the countryside under open skies with the wind in their face for an incomparable driving experience. A narrow, tinted wind deflector, extending across the cockpit area, was all there was to counteract the headwind.

2011 Smart Forspeed

Ten years after the crossblade, smart unveiled another the Forspeed Concept, which  was not intended for series production, but as a radical forerunner of the smart electric drive, which was to come out just a few months later.

2011 Smart Forspeed Concept

The Forspeed combined contemporary urban mobility with the typical smart fun factor. With no roof or side windows, the two-seater featured a low-profile wind deflector instead of a windscreen in the style of a classic propeller aircraft. The result was an incomparable fresh air experience. Further driving pleasure was guaranteed by the responsive, further-developed electric drive with boost function.

(Source: Smart)

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