R&T on the ugliest concept cars ever made

Concept Cars 10 Aug 2018

Road&Track has published a curious list of the ugliest 9 concept cars ever presented.

Lists like this are not often posted here on Car Body Design, but this one can be a nice, casual summer read.

The post includes a list of 9 concept cars – voted by the magazine’s readers – whose design was rather controversial… or completely weird and out of proportion.

1999 Honda Fuya Jo Concept

The Honda Fuya-Jo (1999) may be not the most elegant and streamlined modern city car, but if you are a lover of sci-fi movies from the 1970s then you might even love it

1957 Aurora Safety Car

The 1957 Aurora Safety Car had many innovative safety solutions, yet the “form follows function” idea did not work wonder

2006 Acura Advanced Sedan Concept

The Acura Advanced Sedan from 2006 was a bold, provocative design study – and interestingly enough, some of its strong styling features were later adopted on actual models.

If you are curious about the remaining entries, check the original post on Road&Track (spoiler alert: yes, the Pontiac Aztek Concept is there).

Feel free to add your own personal “ugly” concept car in the comments!

(Source: Road&Track)

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