2019 Michelin Challenge Design is about Inspiring Mobility

Michelin has revealed the theme for the 2019 edition of its Challenge Design contest. The brief is to design an urban vehicle for a megacity based on an emotion of joy, trust, security or freedom.

The brief

Megacities are struggling to meet the future economic, environmental, emotional and social needs for sustainable mobility in a time of rapidly changing technology.

2019 Michelin Challenge Design Poster Inspiring Mobility

Most discussions around the future of mobility are focused on what people will be driving, the technologies that will be used and the brands that will survive. Hundreds of billions of dollars will be spent over the next 20 years maturing the technologies and creating the devices that will be used in the sustainable mobility ecosystems of the future.

Less frequently asked is ‘why’. Why would a user choose a particular mobility system? Your design will be much deeper and more meaningful for users if you first recognize why certain emotional needs of users are important before proceeding to how you will address the needs and what your design product will be.

For the 2019 Michelin Challenge Design, your challenge is to inspire users by successfully identifying one of the following emotional needs: joy, trust, security or freedom; and designing a mobility solution that will invoke that emotion for users in one of the following megacities: Berlin, Mumbai, New York, Sao Paolo or Shanghai in 2035.

Contest rules

The competition is open to everyone, including fans, students, individual designers, studio designers, consultants, design schools, Transportation designers, including OEM and suppliers.

The entries will be judged by a jury of top international design professionals, OEM advance design studio heads and educators selects the winners.

Selection criteria include the relevance to the theme, concept originality, design value and quality, developmental potential, and design displayability.

It is possible to submit entries until March 1, 2019.

(Source: Michelin Challenge Design)

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