Dendrobium D-1 E-Hypercar: updates

Special Cars 20 Jul 2018
Dendrobium D-1 E-Hypercar: updates

The Dendrobium D-1 electric hypercar has been confirmed to be developed and produced in UK and to make its debut at the upcoming Salon Privé.

First conceived in the 1990’s by Singapore-based Vanda Electrics – a product design company – and developed by Williams Advanced Technology, the Dendrobium D-1 was revealed as a concept at the Geneva Motor Show in 2017.

Dendrobium D 1 Hypercar

Now the electric hypercar has taken its next steps towards production with an all new company, Dendrobium Automotive Limited, established in the UK.

The claimed technical features include a 1,800 bhp output, a 2,000 Nm maximum torque and a target weight of 1,750 kgs.

Dendrobium D 1 Hypercar

The car is based on a hybrid structure made of  carbon fiber and advanced composites and alloys.

Among the Members of the Board of Dendrobium Automotive Limited is Jens Sverdrup, who has a highly successful background in the supercar industry having worked with Lamborghini, Ferrari and Pagani but is best known for establishing the Koenigsegg brand. Recently he’s been responsible for raising Rimac Automobili’s profile globally.

2017 Dendrobium D 1 Concept

Speaking about the underlying platform, he explains: “The construction of the D-1 is based on a unique Protocell carbon tub which possesses future adaptability for further generations of Dendrobium e-performance cars. Apart from advanced vehicle technology, the D-1 has enormous drama and presence thanks to our unique Bio-Aerial Locomotion door and roof opening system which was inspired by the Dendrobium name. A lot more details will be revealed over the coming months, not the least of which will be the D-1’s impressive range and rapid charge time.”

The D-1 will be officially publicly exhibited, for the first time in the UK, at Salon Privé (August 30th, September 1st).

(Source: Dendrobium Automotive Limited)

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Dendrobium D-1 E-Hypercar: updates - Image 1
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