Pininfarina at the Turin Motor Show

Pininfarina at the Turin Motor Show

At the Parco Valentino Turin Auto Show Pininfarina will bring six iconic concept cars covering 50 years of history.

Four concept cars – the Mythos, Sergio, Florida II and Sigma Grand Prix – will be on display at the Prototypes Exhibition set up at Parco Valentino, Turin from June 6th until June 10th.

The Jaguar XJS will parade along the streets of Turin on the evening of June 6th during the Supercar Night Parade driven by Chairman Paolo Pininfarina; and the futuristic Sintesi concept car (2008) will welcome tourists at the arrival at Caselle airport.

1989 Ferrari Mythos Design Sketch

A design sketch of the Ferrari Mythos (1989)

Pininfarina Lancia Florida II

The Lancia Florida II, a milestone in design, had stylistic elements that for many years influenced world production.

First presented at the 1957 Turin Motor Show, it was the personal car of the Founder Battista Pinin Farina, and is still exhibited in the Pininfarina Collection in Cambiano.

Pininfarina Sigma Grand Prix

The Sigma Grand Prix of 1969 reinterpreted and renewed the concept of Formula 1 by introducing important safety contents aimed at drastically reducing the intrinsic risk component in this sport.

Result of the work of an international team of experts, the prototype incorporated solutions that were futuristic at the time and became today in common use, such as the safety tanks and the onboard fire protection system.

1989 Ferrari Mythos

Presented at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1989, the Mythos was a 2-seater barchetta on the mechanics of the Testarossa, much appreciated for its perfect balance between aesthetic emotion and technical rationality, winner of the Car Design Award 1990.

1989 Ferrari Mythos Design Sketches

Pininfarina Sergio Concept

The Sergio Concept, unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show 2013 to celebrate the Life Senator Sergio Pininfarina, it is a two-seater barchetta, this time on a mechanical basis of the Ferrari 458 Spider. Born as a concept car, it became a reality in 2015, when 6 units were produced and sold.

The Jaguar XJS is a prototype of a 2-seater spider on the XJ coupé platform that Pininfarina exhibited for the first time at the 1978 Birmingham Motor Show.

1978 Jaguar XJ Spider design illustration

It will be driven by Chairman Paolo Pininfarina during the Supercar Night Parade on June 6th, an event that will feature over 300 supercars from private individuals from all over Italy.

With its soft and aerodynamic shapes, without corners, the Jaguar XJS will also be on display in the courtyard of the Valentino Castle from 8 am of June 6th.

Pininfarina Sintesi Concept

Lastly, until June 12th, tourists arriving at Turin-Caselle airport will be welcomed by the Sintesi. The sporty Granturismo featured 4-door and a 4-seater interior, and anticipated in 2008 the themes of autonomous driving and cars interconnected with the surrounding environment.

Its sharp and aerodynamic silhouette, which has been assigned the “red dot award”, encloses the mechanical parts – mix of fuel cell drive train and batteries – and creates a comfortable and safe shell around the passengers’ needs.

About the Prototype Exhibition

The Prototypes Exhibition has been created with the intention of turning the spotlight on the creativity of Italian and foreign “coachbuilders” and design studios in a summa of what car design has produced over the last 60 years.

(Source: Pininfarina)

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