GM uses generative design for vehicle lightweighting

General Motors is exploring the use of software based on generative design and AI-driven algorithms to optimize shape and weight of automotive structural components.

Through the use of generative design it is possible to rapidly explore multiple permutations of a part design, generating hundreds of possible solutions based on goals and parameters set by the user, such as weight, strength, material choice, fabrication method, and more.

As a result, the components often showcase organic-looking, intricate geometries, which can be produced using additive manufacturing technologies.

GM Generative Design 3D Printed Part

The new design approach enables significantly more vehicle mass reduction and parts consolidation opportunities that cannot be achieved through traditional design optimization methods.

GM, in partnership with Autodesk, has applied this new technology to produce a proof-of-concept part – a seat bracket – that is 40 percent lighter and 20 percent stronger than the original part. It also consolidates eight different components into one 3D-printed part.

As part of a multi-year alliance, GM and Autodesk will collaborate on projects involving generative design, additive manufacturing, and materials science.

(Source: General Motors)

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