Exclusive: the Pininfarina HK GT Concept

Concept Cars 6 Mar 2018

An exclusive coverage of the HK GT Concept, a futuristic, elegant Gran Turismo designed by Pininfarina that evolves the design DNA of the Hybrid Kinetic Group brand.

Pininfarina HK GT

Presented today at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, the latest result of the collaboration between Pininfarina and Hybrid Kinetic was first revealed last week during a private event at Pininfarina’s Headquarters in Cambiano, near Turin.

Pininfarina HK GT

Following the debut of the H600 luxury sedan at last year’s Geneva Show, and the two concept SUVs revealed at the Shanghai Show, the fourth concept car co-developed by Pininfarina and Hong Kong-based Hybrid Kinetic Group aims at further defining the formal identity and design language of the emerging brand.

Pininfarina HK GT

The architecture is based on the Gran Turismo style – a classic in the Italian design history – and this choice is reflected in the car’s dimensions and proportions.

Showcasing a length just under 5 meters, the HK GT has an sleek, dynamic stance thanks to a low height of 1,365 mm and a stretched, elegant profile that benefits from the long 2,975 mm wheelbase.

Pininfarina HK GT

In the Italian design firm’s tradition, the surface treatment features clean, sensual volumes with smooth, precise transitions and a limited number of well-refined character lines that give the exterior added interest and elegance without overloading .

Pininfarina HK GT

The profile of the HK GT is defined by a single, slightly descending line that runs from the long, sculpted hood towards the rear end, with the tailgate that visually rests on the rear wheel – a hint at the classic Gran Turismos of the past.

Pininfarina HK GT

This feature is underlined by the chrome-finished trim that stretches form the front end and frames the side windows, which represents one of the distinctive styling cues of the Hybrid Kinetic brand, already seen in the previous concept cars.

The front end is a new interpretation of the HK fascia: it features chrome fins, starting from the center logo, open like petals and frame the high-tech LED projectors, lending the car a bold, almost magnetic face.

Pininfarina HK GT Concept front end

Interior Design

The 2+2 interior of the HK GT which is revealed by the opening of the spectacular gullwing doors, spanning the full length of the cabin.

Pininfarina HK GT

While the exterior – except from the doors – was designed with production feasibility in mind, the interior is a pure design exercise that expresses sophistication.

Pininfarina HK GT Concept Interior

The back of the front seats are finished in a open pore grey oak in the lower area, and with matched alcantara in the headrests area.

The cabin combines two visual identities: the front area is futuristic and is finished in light, cream-colored leather, while the rear area is more classic and has seats upholstered in a dark grey leather inspired by Harley Davidson jackets. This contrast reflects the double nature of the concept: racing car and luxury GT.

Pininfarina HK GT Interior Steering Wheel

The dualism is also underlined by the availability of two operating mode: “race” which focuses on the driver by giving him all the important driving information, and “cruise” which focuses on comfort, integrates a soft, blue ambient light and allows all passengers to share information on the onboard screens.

Pininfarina HK GT Interior Rear seats

The rear seats contrast the futuristic look of the front section by showcasing a more classic appearance: they are hand stitched with a diamond pattern and a classic capitonné effect.

The opening in the back of the rear row – a nod to some shooting brakes from the 1960s – enabled the designers to achieve the distinctive concave geometry of the seats.

Pininfarina HK GT Interior Suspended Front Seat

The floor and carpets are finished in grey boiled wool (lana cotta), which creates an interesting mix of materials blending roughness with sophistication.

Pininfarina HK GT Interior Dashboard detail

The cabin also showcase a theme based on the idea of floating elements: the front seats appear as suspended from the center tunnel, the rear headrests look like floating above the seats and the layered dashboard is composed of two distinct elements that rest on C-shaped supports.

Pininfarina HK GT Concept Interior

On  the passenger’s side, the dashboard integrates a hidden wide screen

Technical Specifications


  • Length: 4,980 mm
  • Width: 1,998 mm
  • Height: 1,365 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2,975 mm
  • Wight distribution: 48%/52%

Technical Features and Performances

  • Aluminum Chassis
  • Drivetrain: four in-wheel Permanent Magnet motors with two-speed transmission; range extender with microturbine
  • Transmission: All-wheel drive with Torque Vectoring
  • Max Output: > 800kW (electric motors)
  • Battery: 38kWh
  • Range (pure electric): >160 Km
  • Range (range extended): > 1,000 Km
  • Top Speed: 350 km/h
  • 0-100 km/h sprint: 2.7 seconds

(images copyright: Car Body Design)

Image Gallery

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