Turin IED and Hyundai preview Kite buggy concept

At the upcoming 2018 Geneva Motor Show Turin IED will unveil the Hyundai Kite, a study of a two-seat buggy concept created by the Master in Transportation Design students in collaboration with Hyundai.

Hyundai Kite Concept by IED Design Sketch Render

The concept car, that will be presented in 1:1 scale styling model form, is the result of the collaboration between the Hyundai European Design Center and the Turin-based IED, and is the 14th model created by for the thesis project of IED’s biennial Master in Transportation Design.

The Kite is a two-seat buggy with compact dimensions – it is 3745mm long, 2235mm wide and 1455mm tall, with a wheelbase of 2580mm.

The design of the concept car is characterized by light shapes and by the absence of ceiling and doors, which leaves no barriers between the interiors and the exteriors.

Hyundai Kite Concept by IED Design Sketch Render


This reinforces the idea that the car is a place focused on user experience rather than a vehicle moving on the road and on the water.

The model also includes an interior – a first for IED’s concepts – and is “virtually” equipped with a brush-less electric powertrain.

Design Team

The design team behind the Hyundai Kite is composed by the following students of the Master of Transportation Design IED Turin, a.y. 2016/2017.

  • Nicholas Luke Cho (Great Britain);
  • Priankar Dasgupta (India);
  • Jiabin Dong (China);
  • Nithyanandhan Emmanuel (India);
  • Ulises Esquivel Balderas (Mexico);
  • Nishank Grover (India); Jin Kim (South Korea);
  • Sai Sandeep Pentakota (India);
  • Luis Rodrigo Rodriguez Mendez (Guatemala);
  • Aditya Saraf (India);
  • Alexandru-Calin Ticarat (Romania);
  • Prashanth Vantimitta (India);
  • Leonardo Vitale (Italy);
  • José Andrés Yanes Belmonte (Venezuela)
  • Wu Zhengcui (China),

Technical Partners

The gearbox was developed in partnership with Gruppo Sila, while the seats and the belts are the outcome of a collaboration with Sabelt.

Gruppo Sila is also partner for another project involving the students of the IED Turin’s Product Design and Transportation Design programs who designed other two proposals of full by-wire gearbox, exhibited in a dedicated space of the stand.

Moreover, the audience will have the chance to experience the concept car through virtual reality thanks to a project carried out in collaboration with Protocube Reply.

The prototype was built by NCS | NewCast Services Srl.


Other technical partners include AM Costruzione Modelli Srl, Clinic Car Italia, Freeland.car Srl, OZ Racing


(Image Courtesy: IED for Car Body Design)

Image Gallery

Turin IED and Hyundai preview Kite buggy concept - Image 2
Turin IED and Hyundai preview Kite buggy concept - Image 1

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