Mercedes-Benz New A-Class

Production Cars 8 Feb 2018
Mercedes-Benz New A-Class

The new Mercedes-Benz A-Class combines a new design embodying the “Sensual Purity” formal language with advanced technology and the MBUX interface.

Officially unveiled during a private event held in Amsterdam, the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class is showcases a design based on the aesthetic direction announced last year by Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer Daimler AG, and promising a cleaner, purer look.

Mercedes-Benz New A Class

Compared to the outgoing model, the new A-Class has a cleaner look. The flanks have lost the distinctive crease lines, replaced by a single character line with a smoother shape.

2018 vs 2016 Mercedes-Benz A Class Design Comparison

The more elegant look is accentuated by the renewed proportions: the length has increased up to 4,419 mm (+120 mm) and the wheelbase is 2,729 mm (+30 mm). The width has remained almost unchanged at 1,440 mm + 10mm, while the width has increase by 16 mm up to 1,796 mm.


The front end is characterized by the LED headlights with a much less intricate design: the V-shaped LED stripes are visually matched by the horizontal elements of the air intakes at the bottom, which contribute to a sleeker, less busy look.

2018 vs 2016 Mercedes-Benz A Class Design Comparison

At the rear, the tail lights are wider and more in line with the car level and dimensions.

Mercedes-Benz New A Class

The interior adopts the layout already seen on then brand’s premium models, with a clean, horizontal dashboard spanning the entire cabin and a large free-standing widescreen.

Mercedes-Benz New A Class Interior

A distinctive feature of the new A-Class is the brand new MBUX interface, presented at the CES 2018.

Mercedes-Benz New A Class Interior

Mercedes-Benz New A Class

Check the full gallery here or read more details from the official press release below.

(Source: Mercedes-Benz)


“The new A-Class embodies the next stage in our design philosophy of Sensual Purity and has the potential to usher in a new design era,” says Gorden Wagener.

“With clear contours and sensual surfaces, we present high-tech that awakens emotions. Form and body are what remain when creases and lines are reduced to the extreme. The interior represents modern luxury at a level previously unattained in this class, and translates intelligent technology into an emotional overall experience.”

Exterior design: Exercise in purism

The purist, surface-accentuating design of the new A-Class is the next step in the Mercedes-Benz design philosophy of Sensual Purity. On the basis of a compact two-box design, optimised dimensions and proportions have led to a new interpretation of the Mercedes-Benz A-Class’s design.

The exterior of the new A-Class stands for sportiness, dynamism and emotion. The progressive front design with a low bonnet, flat LED headlamps with chrome elements and torch-like daytime driving lamps ensures an emotionally appealing and alluring appearance. The striking radiator grille with Mercedes star, whose silhouette opens out towards the base as a reinterpretation of its predecessor, features pins in a diamond look and a central silver louvre to underline the sportiness of this model.

The vehicle is visually extended by the longer wheelbase and character line along the side. The bonnet slopes down more heavily than in the preceding model series, emphasising the dynamic, upright front. The larger wheel arches for wheels from 16 to 19 inches emphasise the sportiness of the new A-Class and make it sit more squarely on the road. The vehicle has a wider look at the rear end thanks to a more heavily waisted greenhouse, which also emphasises the shoulders, and to the wider-spaced rear reflectors in the modular, two-section rear bumper. The slim, two-section tail lights ensure an emotionally appealing, alluring appearance.

With a Cd figure from 0.25 and a frontal area (A) of 2.19 m2, the new A-Class is the aerodynamic leader in its segment. For the first time in the compact class, Mercedes-Benz uses a two-section AIRPANEL (optional). This louvre system

behind the radiator grille opens its adjustable louvres depending on the cooling requirement. There is an additional louvre system in the air inlet below the registration plate, which further improves system performance.

Interior design: A revolution from within

The interior of the new A-Class is completely redefined with its modern, avant-garde look. Mercedes-Benz has taken a completely new approach, revolutionising the compact class from the inside with a new feeling of spaciousness.

The unique interior architecture is shaped in particular by the avant-garde design of the dashboard: for the first time a cowl above the cockpit has been completely dispensed with.

As a result, the wing-shaped main body of the dashboard extends from one front door to the other with no visual discontinuity. The Widescreen display is completely free-standing. The air vents in a sporty turbine-look are another highlight.

The dashboard is divided into two three-dimensional, horizontal sections: the lower section is visually separated from the main body of the dashboard by a “trench”, and it appears to float in front of the dashboard.

The ambient lighting enhances this effect, accentuating the free-floating impression of the substructure. The 64 colours of the optional ambient lighting make five times as many colours available than before.

And it is not just the variety that has increased, as the emotive presentation also sets standards in this segment: the different colours are composed into ten colour worlds to allow an avant-garde lighting display with spectacular colour changes.

The completely free-standing display is available in three versions:

  • with two 7-inch displays (17.78 cm),
  • with one 7- and one 10.25-inch (26 cm) display and
  • with two 10.25-inch displays.

Image Gallery

Mercedes-Benz New A-Class - Image 9
Mercedes-Benz New A-Class - Image 4
Mercedes-Benz New A-Class - Image 1
Mercedes-Benz New A-Class - Image 13
Mercedes-Benz New A-Class - Image 26
Mercedes-Benz New A-Class - Image 3
Mercedes-Benz New A-Class - Image 24
Mercedes-Benz New A-Class - Image 27
Mercedes-Benz New A-Class - Image 6

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