Tata announces Impact Design 2.0

Automotive Design 27 Jan 2018

Tata Motors has announced the first details of its new design philosophy, Impact Design 2.0, which will make its debut at Auto Expo 2018

Tata Motors Impact 2.0 Design Philosophy

Impact Design 2.0 is the new iteration of the philosophy introduced just two years ago. The new models will be based on two new platforms: the modular Advanced Modular Platform (AMP) and the Q platform (the Discovery Sport platform).

An interview with Pratap Bose, head of design at Tata Motors, who gives a first introduction of the Impact 2.0 design language

The three key elements of Impact 1.0 (the Humanity line, the Slingshot line and the the Diamond DLO) have been maintained and evolved in the 2.0 version of the design theme.

“The humanity line is much more three dimensional, you’ll see that in the cars which will come out. The slingshot line is much sharper, much more well defined but recognisable. While we’re referencing some of these elements, you’ll see how modern, updated and advanced they look. And slowly you’ll also be able to read the evolution from the original Indica to where we will be going.” Bose commented.

The first products based on the new design philosophy are set to debut at Auto Expo 2018 (February 9-14, 2018) and will be an upcoming hatchback (codenamed X451) and a new SUV (codenamed H5).

(Source: Tata, cardekho.com)


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