New Citroën C5 Aircross: the design

Production Cars 19 Apr 2017
New Citroën C5 Aircross: the design

At the Shanghai Motor Show Citroën has revealed the C5 Aircross, a global model directly inspired by the 2015 Aircross Concept with a bold, consistent design and new suspension technology.

As with all its recent models, the C5 Aircross showcases a very consistent, bold design which makes a statement about the brand identity.

The car’s look is characterized by the high hood line, the 2.73m wheelbase coupled with short overhangs, and the strong graphic features, with rounded rectangular and trapezoid shapes used throughout the exterior and the interior.

This, combined with a balanced mix of clean, smooth surfaces and boldly defined features, allows the design to stand out from other companies following today’s styling trends.

The window line is highlighted by a C-shaped, chrome-finished signature

The same design languages used for the exterior is also adopted in the cabin, which features welcoming seats, a wide and tall central console, and soft and warm materials that enhance the feeling of protection and comfort.

The onboard technology and options include a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster, an 8-inch HD touchscreen, a wireless inductive charging function for smartphones as well as an array ofdriving aids, such as Active Safety Brake, Active Lane Departure Warning and Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop Function.

Among the technical features of the car is the new suspension system with Progressive Hydraulic Cushions™, a technology that evolves the company’s Advanced Comfort® programme, and delivers a uniquely smooth and comfortable ride – another trademark feature of Citroën. The new C5 Aircross will also be the first Citroën available with PHEV Plug-In Hybrid technology.

The C5 Aircross is scheduled to launch in China in the second half of this year and in Europe in the second half of 2018.

Below we report additional design details from the official press release.

From the official Press Release:

Exterior Design

The styling of New C5 Aircross is entirely in-line with the Aircross Concept that was presented at the Shanghai Motor Show in 2015. The Aircross Concept was applauded for its colourful personality, unique stance and bright interior. Now translated into production form, the styling and size (4.50m long, 1.84m wide and 1.67m tall) place New C5 Aircross right at the heart of the SUV C-segment.

New C5 Aircross conveys a sense of confidence and a dynamic presence: a new form of expression in the world of SUVs. With its floating roof, black windscreen pillars and rear quarter-lights that flow seamlessly into the rear window, New C5 Aircross has a strong, contemporary, stylish identity.

The wide, imposing front end clearly expresses the identity of Citroën, with the chevrons and full-LED light signature as part of the prominent grille. The long, tall bonnet with its marked contours immediately brings to mind the Aircross Concept with cleverly positioned protection on the lower part of the front bumper, highlighting the robust strength and durability of this protective, go-anywhere vehicle.

Among the SUV fundamentals, the protective panels on the lower body and wheel arches are enhanced with the graphic contours of the Airbump® inserts, which include a splash of colour to bring modernity and character to New C5 Aircross.

The window line is highlighted by a C-shaped, chrome-finished signature for a very original side view.

The four 3D LED oblong modules making up the rear lights on each side of the car are easily recognisable, striking and eye-catching, emphasising the width of the car.
New C5 Aircross also makes a statement in terms of personalisation. The range of exterior colours adds to the status of the car: there is timeless Pearl White, Perla Nera Black, Platinium Grey and – above all – Volcano Orange, which is a bold new shade close to the original colour of the Aircross Concept. Two bright and fashionable metallic touches are available to bring more personality and elegance to the car: in red or silver. These subtle touches contrast with the exterior bodywork by underlining the roof bars, adding refinement and elegance to the floating roof. These colours can also feature on the lower air intakes of the front bumper and the Airbump® sections on the front doors.

The scoops on the front and rear bumpers, and the rear spoiler, underline the car’s aerodynamic lines, further enhancing the expressive, dynamic character of New C5 Aircross.
New C5 Aircross is available with a choice of 17, 18 or 19-inch wheels, the two largest being diamond-cut alloys for an executive finish with real visual impact.

“Faithful to the Aircross Concept, unveiled two years ago in Shanghai, New C5 Aircross is Citroën’s take on the SUV world. Featuring our clearly identifiable style markers, it is a powerful, modern vehicle whose unique stance sets it apart in the SUV market.” Alexandre Malval, Citroën Design Director

Interior Design

The cabin of the New C5 Aircross conveys a strong suggestion of comfort as soon as you open the doors. The high driving position and the stylish, welcoming interior are totally coherent with the exterior styling. Adopting the same design themes as the cabin in the Aircross Concept, New C5 Aircross is attractive, practical and functional. This SUV expresses Citroën’s DNA in full.

Curved, flowing lines contrast with striking graphic touches throughout the interior. For example, the dashboard features double air vents to underline the strong, muscular character of this SUV. On the driver’s side, there is a 12.3-inch digital display cluster. In the centre, the air vents and the 8-inch HD touchscreen form a perfectly integrated unit.

The tall, wide centre console features soft materials and generous storage. There is also a wide central armrest with an array of practical storage compartments.

To suggest space and comfort, New C5 Aircross adopts the sofa-inspired seating of the C4 Cactus, but approaches it in a new way, in keeping with the world of the SUV.

The cabin is bathed in light, thanks to the generous panoramic sunroof and glass right around the car.

The vehicle features Citroën colours and materials, tailored to the SUV segment. The materials are attractive, soft to the touch and generously padded where they come into contact with the driver and passengers. New C5 Aircross is available with a wide choice of materials, from 3D woven mesh to Nappa leather, personalising the interior ambience to suit the customer’s wishes, from casual to executive. The seats of New C5 Aircross feature stylish top-stitching, an interior signature for Citroën vehicles. This pattern can also be seen on the door panels with original chrome-finish inserts

Inspiration from the world of travel and luggage was first applied to C4 Cactus, and has since been adapted in a variety of forms from one segment to the next, particularly on the C6 launched in China last year (and only available in China). This idea is illustrated on New C5 Aircross by the chic, re-designed door handles and by the strap on the dashboard strip, facing the passenger.
The opulent, generous interior of New C5 Aircross was designed for a simple, relaxed driving experience, reassuring occupants through its rational layout, intelligent design and quality of build.

Citroën C5 Aircross Dimensions

  • Length: 4.50m
  • Width: 1.84m
  • Height: 1.67m
  • Wheelbase: 2.73m
  • Trunk capacity: 482 litres

(Source: Citroën)

Image Gallery

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New Citroën C5 Aircross: the design - Image 18
New Citroën C5 Aircross: the design - Image 9
New Citroën C5 Aircross: the design - Image 2
New Citroën C5 Aircross: the design - Image 1
New Citroën C5 Aircross: the design - Image 14

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