Lexus Design Award 2017: the winner

Lexus Design Award 2017: the winner

Lexus has announced the Grand Prix winner of the Lexus Design Award 2017 – PIXEL by Hiroto Yoshizoe – and the finalists are on display at the Lexus Yet pavilion at the Milan Design Week.

The 2017 edition of Lexus Design Award international design competition drew 1,152 entries from 63 countries. The theme of the contest was “Yet”, a word that inspires to find synergy by fusing seemingly incompatible goals, such as spacious yet aerodynamic design.

“By harmonizing contradictory elements, “Yet” opens up visionary frontiers of progressive design and technology to deliver amazing new experiences to the world.”

2017 Lexus Design Award Grand Prix Winner

Among all the contest entries, back in January the Jury chose 12 finalists, four of which were selected to prototype their designs, mentored by globally recognized creators.

Lexus Design Award 2017 Structural Color Static Yet Changing

Structural Color – Static Yet Changing by Jessica Fügler

  • Structural Color – Static Yet Changing, Jessica Fügler (USA): Static YET Changeable structure depending on viewpoint.
  • Having Nothing, and Yet Possessing Everything, Ahran Won (Korea, USA-based): A capsule for mobile living, Having nothing YET Everything.
  • PIXEL, Hiroto Yoshizoe (Japan): A structure to experience the existence of Light YET Shadow.
  • Player’s Pflute, Jia Wu (China): Vegetable YET a Musical instrument provides fun and learning experience.

Lexus Design Award 2017 Having Nothing and Yet Possessing Everything

Having Nothing, and Yet Possessing Everything by Ahran Won

The Grand Prix winner was chosen by an elite global creative design panel after presentations by the four prototype finalists.

Lexus Design Award 2017 Player s Pflute

Player’s Pflute by Jia Wu

The works of all 12 finalists — four prototype winners and eight panel winners — are on display at the LEXUS YET pavilion, revealing how they would apply the ‘YET’ philosophy in original and innovative ways.

Lexus YET Exhibition

LEXUS YET will be held through April 9th at the La Triennale di Milano, the Design and Art Museum in Parco Sempione, Milan, central to Milan Design Week, the world’s largest design exhibition, also known as Salone Del Mobile.

In addition to the Lexus Design Award 2017 display, the LEXUS YET exhibition is composed of three following areas where visitors will experience the exciting and infinite potential of YET through immersive and engaging installations.


Created by Neri Oxman and The Mediated Matter Group, MIT Media Lab.

Inspired by Lexus’ ‘YET’ philosophy and created for the opening space, this installation aims to create the experience of being grounded YET suspended by light – a wave YET a particle. Utilizing an ancient material YET a modern technology, The Mediated Matter Group debuts Glass 3D Printing at architectural scales.


By exploring things from many angles, we are able to see beyond the obvious and discover the new and unexpected. This Static YET Dynamic installation reveals the Lexus UX Concept car, and expresses Lexus Brave Design. The Lexus’ UX Concept car embodies our ‘YET’ philosophy. This expression of a progressive and strong YET artistic and premium product further enhances Lexus’ unique brand position which challenges conventional ideas about luxury.


This event marks Lexus’ 10th edition at Milan Design Week, highlighting the brand’s long standing passion for design and innovation. As we celebrate this opportunity, we take a look back at our 9 years of design inspiration. Each edition highlights one moment in time through 24 frames.

Official statements

Hiroto Yoshizoe commented, “I’m so surprised and honored to receive this prize from Lexus Design Award. I would like to thank Alex and Daniel of Snarkitecture for all their mentorship, also to all the people who have supported me on this project and of course to Lexus for giving me this amazing opportunity.”

Alice Rawsthorn, Lexus Design Award 2017 judge and a design commentator, reported: “[…] the quality and scale of ambition of the submissions to this year’s award program was truly exceptional. It was very difficult for us to whittle them all down to twelve finalists, then four prototype winners and finally to the Grand Prix winner, although every stage of the process generated a feisty and enjoyable debate. Each of the four prototype winners has wrestled with complex and significant issues, from the plight of refugees and other homeless people and providing environmental protection for buildings in a beguiling and poetic way, to fusing traditional craftsmanship with emerging technologies and encouraging children to make and play musical instruments. Eclectic and original though their responses are, all the finalists have addressed the defining theme of the Lexus Design Award 2017, YET, with tremendous imagination, versatility and aplomb.”

Lexus and the Milan Design Week

This event marks the tenth edition for Lexus International at Milan Design Week, highlighting the brand’s long standing passion for design and innovation. To celebrate this significant juncture, Lexus enlisted the cooperation of Architect, Designer and Professor Neri Oxman of the MIT Media Lab and her research and design team, The Mediated Matter Group.

An acclaimed creative pioneer operating at the leading edge of architecture and design, Oxman is known for design innovation that is inspired and informed by the natural world. Oxman’s vision of harmonizing “nature” and its seeming opposite “technology” resonates strongly with the Lexus ‘YET’ philosophy.

(Source: Lexus)

Image Gallery

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Lexus Design Award 2017: the winner - Image 3
Lexus Design Award 2017: the winner - Image 6
Lexus Design Award 2017: the winner - Image 1
Lexus Design Award 2017: the winner - Image 5
Lexus Design Award 2017: the winner - Image 4

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