Pininfarina H600 Concept

Concept Cars 11 Mar 2017
Pininfarina H600 Concept

At the 2017 Geneva Motor Show Pininfarina has unveiled the H600, a luxury electric sedan concept developed for Hong Kong-based Hybrid Kinetic Group.

The concept is the result of a $68 million-worth collaboration between the Italian studio and the Hybrid Kinetic Group, aimed at making the H600 electric sedan a production reality.

Pininfarina H600

In Pininfarina’s tradition, the 5.2 meters long H600 concept is characterized by harmonious proportions, clean, flowing surfaces that lend the vehicle a classic, elegant look.

Pininfarina H600 Front grille and headlight detail

The front end features a bold fascia with thin LED headlights and a grille with arrow-shaped elements.

Pininfarina H600 Design Sketch Render

This design is in line with the current aggressive/bold styling trends and, overall, appears less convincing than the other views, and is likely to be the result of a “brand identity” necessity.

Pininfarina H600

The flanks give the H600 a dynamic, almost muscular stance. The effect is achieved through the sculpted yet clean surfaces rather than by incorporating creases or edges.

Pininfarina H600

The sense of elegance is also underlined by small details such as the minimal door handles and the chrome stripes that runs from the headlight to the base of the D-pillar.

Pininfarina H600 Tail lights detail

At the rear, the slim, horizontal tail lamps, framed in a chromed fascia, contribute to the car classic, almost Italian look, while creating a distinctive light signature.

Pininfarina H600 Interior

The interior is inspired by a luxurious lounge and feature exclusive materials, from the dark brown natural leather to the veneered wood used on the seat shells and the floor.

Pininfarina H600 Interior Cockpit

The high-tech feeling is created through the large touch screen displays on the dashboard and center console and by the blue LED stripes that run along the entire interior.

Pininfarina H600 Interior Design Sketch Render

For more details, we report the official press release below.

From the official Press Release:

Exterior Design

Two were the keywords that inspired the design process: luxury and internationality.

Pininfarina H600

The formal language that defines the H600 is pure, fluid, sensual and gentle, in short, definitely Pininfarina.

Pininfarina H600

Characterizing elements include soft, evolutive surfaces and a few dynamic, expressive lines that underscore the assertive, valiant personality of the car.

Pininfarina H600 Design Sketch Render

The marks on the warm grey metallic body emphasize the variegated reflections of the light and call attention to a number of details, like jeweled insets, such as the polished aluminum inserts arranged in a line that starts at the bonnet, runs along the waistline and embraces the rear section, reflecting the degree of finish typically associated with premium segment cars.

Pininfarina H600 Render

The rear lights compose a luminous stripe radiating progressively from the logo towards the exterior.

The glazed surface of the roof has been designed with a view to ensuring the ideal balance between the need to protect the occupants and the possibility of letting in the light and seeing outside. At night, the window becomes a luminous porthole supplying artificial light to the cockpit. This is yet another key element that will characterize all the vehicles in the range.

Interior Design

The interior of the H600 follows the layout of a lounge, an open space that ensures maximum comfort for the rear seat passengers thanks to a higher degree of spaciousness and habitability than is normally found in this segment.

Pininfarina H600 Interior Render

The surfaces are covered with noble materials such as natural leather having haute couture formal quality and finishes, with copper colored seams contrasting with the cocoa brown upholstery.

Extensive use of veneered wood on the seat shells and the floor, with an artful use of the wood grain, harks back to the tradition of cabinet-making. For an even more exclusive interior, a clock is set in the center control panel, right under the central lid.

This is another element to be present throughout the range. Ambient lights take the form of white luminous bands that fill the interior with a suffused light, creating a natural and pleasing atmosphere and a sensation of psychological well-being.

Pininfarina H600 Interior Steering Wheel

The design maximizes the simplicity of the controls. The Human Machine Interface elements inside the car work at different levels, with a big screen that cuts across the facia and calls to mind a suspended cabinet. Thus, the various zones are well identified: the driver side with controls and gauges, and, on the passenger side, a comfortable zone for the passenger with the infotainment system. In the center, a large touch pad makes it possible to control all vehicle functions.

Two screens on the back of the front seats ensure entertainment for the rear seat passengers.

Technical Features

The next-gen HK powertrain technology, comprising battery, electric motors, electrical controller and range extender, is the other key feature making H600 stand out among its competitors. Range limitation is no longer a problem thanks to the golden combination of the HK micro turbine generator range extender and HK super battery, empowering the H600 with ultra-mileage and a long driving range.

The HK micro turbine generator range extender can provide electric power for the motor and the battery anytime, anywhere, and with no need for charging pits and social grids. Unlike traditional new energy vehicles, the H600 is also equipped with an energy recycling system that can greatly improve energy efficiency and contribute to the mission of sustainable development.

(Source: Pininfarina)

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