Italdesign Zerouno first special car revealed

Special Cars 28 Feb 2017

Following the launch of the “Automobili Speciali” division, Italdesign has revealed its first special, a carbon fiber hypercar set to be built in just five units.

Marking Italdesign’s return to the deluxe car collectors’ market, the exclusive road-legal car, whose name has not been revealed yet, features a carbon fiber bodywork mounted on a hybrid carbon fiber-aluminum modular chassis.

The car measures 4847 millimeters in length, 1970 millimeters in width and 1204 millimeters in height. The exterior design is extremely aggressive and aerodynamics-driven, blending some elements typical of Lamborghini coupes with a distinctive  wraparound windscreen and DLO, reminiscent of the recent Asterion concept.

Italdesign 2017 Special

“The exterior is characterized by the two sides of the same medal,” said Filippo Perini, Head of Innovation Design: “above the tornado line, outlines are distinctly softer and smoother in keeping with the Italian Gran Turismo tradition. The lower part is modeled from aerodynamics. To achieve the performances we had in mind, we had to dare beyond all limits from styling and even purely technical points of view. The outcome ensures extremely high impact without ever being design for design’s sake”.

Power comes from a naturally aspirated 5.2 litre V10 engine which enables 0-100 km/h acceleration in just 3.2 seconds, together with a top speed in excess of 330 km/h.

Italdesign 2017 Special

The car was conceived, designed and built in Italy in the Italdesign factory in Moncalieri (Turin). The development of the vehicle was carried out by the Styling Centre and the Engineering Department adopting a simultaneous engineering approach, a method used and improved by Italdesign since the late 1960s.

Italdesign Chief Technical Officer Antonio Casu explains: “To reach the timing target we applied the latest CAx and Simulation Technologies. Styling has been integrated since the very beginning with early engineering and production processes.”

Customers will be able to extensively customize their cars thanks to finishing and performance packages.All the units are expected to be completed within 2017.

(Source: Italdesign)

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