Industrial Design in Entertainment (video lecture)

Industrial Design in Entertainment (video lecture)

A very interesting 1-hour lecture on design principles and the role of industrial designers in the entertainment industry. Held by concept designer Mike Hill at Industry Workshop 2015.

(cover image: Bongfish Truck Design project – source ArtStation)

Mike Hill is an industrial and concept designer, specialized in creating vehicles, products and environments for the entertainment industry – he was involved in projects such as Blade Runner 2049, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and Fractured Space.

During the Industry Workshop 2015 event, he held a lecture titled “Industrial Design in Entertainment”. In this 1-hour speech he speaks about some general design principles and explains his vision of the role of industrial design in movies and games, demonstrating how even a simple object like a chair can deeply affect the storytelling and, ultimately, the overall result.

It is a very interesting lecture for those who are are considering a possible design career in the entertainment industry or are simple passionate about industrial design and/or movies/games.

Also, make sure to check Mike’s official website and his vehicle design premium tutorials, available for purchase on Gumroad. and Cubebrush.

(Source: Mike Hill)

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