Volkswagen Gira Interior Concept

Concept Cars 6 Dec 2016
Volkswagen Gira Interior Concept

Volkswagen has revealed Gira, an autonomous driving demonstrator car that explores how connectivity and autonomous driving will change mobility and the passenger-vehicle relationship.

Developed by VW Group with the involvement of Italdesign, Gira is a study for an autonomous vehicle interior that envisions the way we could travel in the future.

Volkswagen Gira Interior Concept

In the context imagined by VW designers and engineers, the car will feature an AutoPilot mode capable of taking over when the vehicle leaves the urban environment. Limiting the autonomous driving to highways and motorways is a compromise that VW considers “already possible today”.

Volkswagen Gira Interior Concept

The interior features four individual seats with a wide range of adjustments possible. They are mounted on rails and can be positioned in many different configuration. The front seats can rotate 180° for a face-to-face layout.

Volkswagen Gira Interior Concept

The floor is completely flat and free; the only element apart from the seats is a transformable center tunnel that integrates a special table made up of four tablets.

Volkswagen Gira Interior Concept

The steering wheel and instrument panels are retractable and disappear when in autonomous mode, enhancing the lounge-like atmosphere.

The exterior – which at the moment is just a basic mock-up – features large, single gullwing doors that allow easy ingress and egress from the cabin.

The Gira concept will be on display at the “Making the future real” exhibition until February 28, 2017 at the Volkswagen Group Forum in Berlin.

For more details and a 3D animation video check Volkswagen’s official website.

(Source: Volkswagen)

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