Lexus UX Concept offers immersive 3D driving experience

Concept Cars 29 Sep 2016

Making its debut at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, the Lexus UX Concept is a compact SUV that introduces and advanced 3-D Human Machine Interface with floating hologram-like controls.

The bold UX Concept is characterized by an advanced HMI technology designed to offer customers an innovative, three-dimensional driver experience.

lexus ux concept interior

The driver’s instrument binnacle houses a transparent globe, floating in the manner of a hologram, in which a combination of analogue and digital information express a functional yet unexpected user interface.

The center console features a prominent, facetted crystal structure within which a hologram-style display of air-conditioning and infotainment information is clearly visible to both driver and front passenger.

The UX Concept also includes a number of advanced in-vehicle electrical technologies. These include electro-chromatic windows and electrostatic switchgear housed under transparent covers.

lexus ux concept

The fin motif of the A pillar is repeated in a new audio experience for the younger Lexus customer -a demountable sound bar built into the passenger side of the dashboard.

‘Our brief was to create a new genre of compact crossover; a vehicle that could create something unique from a customer’s point of view -an innovative, three-dimensional, fully immersive user experience.’ Stephan Rasmussen, Designer at European Design Centre, ED2

(Source: Lexus)

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Lexus UX Concept offers immersive 3D driving experience - Image 2
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