Humster3D Car Render Challenge 2016

Humster3D has launched the 2016 edition of its annual car render challenge. The deadline for submission is November 29th, 2016.

humster3d car render challenge 2016 poster

Like the past editions, the third annual Car Render Challenge organized by Humster3D is open to all designers and CG artists, and doesn’t put any limit regarding the render theme.

Participants can model and render a vehicle of their choice, from racing cars to imaginary concepts. The vehicle must be accompanied by the surrounding environment and, possibly, an appealing backstory.

mercedes amg gt 2080 by colorsponge

The winning entry of the 2015 edition of the contest – the Mercedes AMG GT 2080 by Colorsponge.

The deadline is November 29th, 2016. The first three winners will receive a number of prizes made available by th numerous sponsors, including software licenses (including V-Ray, 3D Coat, KeyShot, Corona Render, Substance Painter, among the others).

For more information visit the contest official page.


(Image Courtesy: Humster3D for Car Body Design)

Image Gallery

Humster3D Car Render Challenge 2016 - Image 2
Humster3D Car Render Challenge 2016 - Image 1

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