Nissan Gripz Concept

Concept Cars 15 Sep 2015
Nissan Gripz Concept

With the Juke Nissan has pioneered he sporty, compact crossover segment and now it aims at pushing forward this niche with a bold vehicle inspired by classic desert rally cars and racing bicycles.

Jointly designed by the studios in Europe and Japan, the Nissan Gripz Concept gives indication on the brand’s future production compact crossover family.

Video onthe Gripz Concept design, with commentary by Mamoru Aoki, Nissan Executive Design Director and Giovanni Arroba, Sr Creative Design Manager


The Nissan Gripz Concept is designed as a car with a dual personality; a vehicle that can handle the day-to-day commute and deliver a driving fun and adventure at the weekend.

Nissan Gripz Concept

“In the same way a cyclist will use a bike to get to work and then head out on that same machine for an adrenaline fueled ride when the working day is over, so too can the driver of the Nissan Gripz Concept tackle the city streets during the week before enjoying a drive over a mountain pass on a day off.”

Nissan Gripz Concept

The design combines a compact footprint with the silhouette of a raised ride height sports car for all driving conditions.


The look also pays homage to one of Nissan’s first ‘crossovers’ – the iconic Safari Rally-winning Nissan 240Z. In the 1970s these sports cars were re-engineered to cope with the demanding conditions of the Baja Peninsula, the open plains of Kenya, Uganda and present day Tanzania.

Datsun 240Z Rally

These rally racers featured a raised ride height, toughened suspension and sported a matt-black finish for the bonnet and trunk set against a deep red-orange body color. The Nissan 240Zs were proof that sports cars didn’t have to be low to the ground to be fun.

Exterior Design

Created through collaboration between Nissan Design Europe in London and Nissan Global Design Center in Japan, the exterior of the Nissan Gripz Concept is guided by the ‘emotional geometry’ body sculpting concept which depicts strong contrasts through the dynamic, tensional, yet edgy surface.

Nissan Gripz Concept Design Sketch Render

The Nissan Gripz Concept is defined as a design statement rather than a replacement for an existing model, although it does feature cues from Nissan’s new ‘emotional geometry’ design language.

The Crossover concept incorporates four key design elements first seen in Europe on the Nissan Sway Concept presented at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. As with Sway, Gripz features a V-motion grille, boomerang lamps front and rear, a floating roof and a kicked-up C pillar.

Nissan Gripz Concept

However, while the Sway Concept hinted at a possible direction for a compact hatchback, the Nissan Gripz Concept is a different proposition.

“Nissan pioneered the idea of the compact crossover, and this is reflected in the enormous popularity of Qashqai and Juke and the resulting growth of the market segment as other manufacturers play catch-up.”

“While the Nissan Gripz Concept is not seen as a direct replacement for either of those two iconic vehicles, it does show the extremes to which the compact crossover can be pushed,” said Shiro Nakamura, Senior Vice President and Chief Creative Officer.

The concept features a carbon frame over which expressive body panels are placed, like armored cladding.

Exposed carbon elements spear through the design, accentuating features such as the boomerang-shape given to the leading edge of the front door structure. Gripz has four doors – with deep dihedral front doors that swing out and up when opened, and a pair of rear-hinged half-doors behind. There is no B-pillar, allowing easy access to the 2+2 interior.

Nissan Gripz Concept

The front end is dominated by Nissan’s V-motion grille, mounted low and framed by rectangular lamps housing high and low beams.

Nissan Gripz Concept Rendering

Embedded in the lamps are forward-facing cameras that record every journey, just as a helmet-cam is used by cyclists. Using a live feed, adventures through great roads can be beamed around the world, allowing for friends to follow the car’s progress on their computer, tablet or smart phone in real time.

Boomerang-shaped running lights sit above the lamps, on top of the front fenders and denote the demarcation line between the matt-black bonnet and the red-orange main body color.

More matt-black can be found on the extended wheel arches, the pinched and indented triangular sill – raised to increase ground clearance – and the A-pillar leading to the floating roof. The roof features a central glazed panel with bullet colored composite panels on either side over the seating areas.

Nissan Gripz Concept

These reduce in width as they flow towards the rear of the car and blend into the rear lamps, which mirror the boomerang shape of the front running lights and wrap themselves around the rear three quarters of the car.

At the rear, a dramatic truncated matt-black Kamm tail gives the concept a ‘codatronca’ effect while beneath the tailgate sits a pair of chromed trapezoidal exhaust pipes.

The three-spoke 22-inch wheels are also inspired by racing bicycles – lightweight yet strong wearing comparatively thin high-pressure tyres, especially constructed for the concept by Bridgestone. Red and white graphics found on the sidewalls are replicated on the car’s steering wheel.

Interior Design

While the exterior was created in Europe, a dedicated team based in Japan designed the interior. Like the exterior, functional simplicity is the key to the design.

Nissan Gripz Concept Interior

Again featuring a mix of matt-grey and the deep red-orange colours, the interior underlines the car’s Tour de France inspiration with exposed tubes, moulded bucket seats and layered features echoing the cladding effect found on the exterior.

Nissan Gripz Concept Interior

The seats and centre console are directly inspired by bicycles, as are the door pulls that are shaped like saddles from a racing bike. The three-spoke steering wheel, meanwhile, replicates the car’s road wheels, right down to the special graphics found on the tyre sidewalls.

Like the Nissan Sway Concept and recent production cars, the Nissan Gripz Concept has a ‘Gliding Wing’ instrument panel.

“What influence this Concept’s design has on the next crossover generation from Nissan remains to be seen, though we are keen to gauge public reaction when it appears at the Frankfurt Show,” Nakamura added.


The Nissan Gripz Concept is equipped with an EV technology based Series hybrid system ‘Pure Drive e-Power’. An efficient gasoline engine is used to power the electric motor found in the Nissan LEAF.

The powertrain combines Nissan’s various control technologies from its years of experience developing EVs. This configuration delivers smooth, swift and linear acceleration in near-silence, with supreme efficiency. As a result, the Nissan Gripz Concept offers a smooth, refined and exhilarating driving experience with outstanding fuel efficiency.

Nissan Gripz Concept Dimensions (mm)

Length         4,100
Width         1,890
Height         1,500
Wheelbase         2,580

(Source: Nissan)

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