Alfa Romeo reveals the all-new Giulia sedan

Production Cars 25 Jun 2015
Alfa Romeo reveals the all-new Giulia sedan

The new Giulia sedan builds on Alfa Romeo’s focus on technology and performance and features a rear-or four-wheel-drive transmission, extensive use of lightweight materials and innovative technical solutions. The top-of-the-line version is the 510hp Quadrifoglio. 

The all-new Alfa Romeo Giulia has been unveiled to the international media on the 105th anniversary of the founding of A.L.F.A. (Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili) at a special event in the newly-refurbished Alfa Romeo Museum – “La macchina del tempo” – in Arese, Italy.

Alfa Romeo Giulia

The new Giulia embodies the core elements of the Alfa Romeo brand: from the sporty, Italian-flavored design to innovative powertrains, balanced weight distribution and high weight-to-power ratio.


The taut and compact proportions of the Giulia have evolved from its all-new, rear-wheel drive architecture (all-wheel drive will also be available).

Alfa Romeo Giulia debut

The design features very short overhangs, a long hood and muscular haunches, while the wheelbase is the longest in its segment to maximize stability, as well as comfort.

Alfa Romeo Giulia

The engine and major mechanical components are arranged between the axles to ensure 50/50 weight distribution.

Many elements refer to the typical styling cues of the brand. These include the simple overall lines, the overall surface treatment and trademark trefoil nose.

The interior features a driver-focused cockpit with the main controls grouped together on the small steering wheel – a layout inspired by Formula 1 cars, while the human-machine interface consists of two simple, user-friendly knobs for adjusting the Alfa DNA selector and the infotainment system.

Premium materials, including carbon fibre and real wood, are chosen for their visual and tactile pleasantness and assembled in such a way to make the human touch visible.

Technical Features

The new Giulia will be offered with a range of high-performance powertrains, up to the flagship 510 hp V6 turbo gasoline unit that equips the Giulia Quadrifoglio, which will sprint from 0 to 62mph in just 3.9 seconds.

Alfa Romeo Giulia - Wheel and headlight detail

In terms of the suspension, the rear axle uses a sophisticated “Alfalink” multilink solution, while the front suspension employs a new, double-wishbone set up.

Alfa Romeo Giulia debut

Developed exclusively by Alfa Romeo, a new semi-virtual steering axis optimises the filtering effect and guarantees rapid, accurate steering by keeping a constant caster trail in corners. In combination with electronically-controlled adaptive dampers, the always-perfect footprint allows the Giulia to tackle high lateral forces while still ensuring the steering feels direct, natural and instinctive even at very high speeds.

The Giulia also introduces an innovative double-clutch Torque Vectoring system to allow the rear differential to control the torque delivery to each wheel independently, improving traction in low grip conditions without having to run up against an invasive stability control system.

The new Integrated Brake System is an electromechanical device which combines stability control and a traditional servo brake for instantaneous brake response and record-breaking stopping distances.

The new Giulia Quadrifoglio even has a front Active Aero Splitter to actively manage downforce for higher stability and better cornering grip even at high speed. These systems are all governed by Chassis Domain Control.

The Giulia also features a new Alfa DNA system which modifies the car’s dynamic behavior according to the driver’s selection: Dynamic, Natural, Advanced Efficient (a new energy-efficiency mode introduced on the Giulia) and, naturally, Racing mode for high performance versions.

Lightweight Materials

To achieve extensive weight savings, the Giulia uses carbon fiber for the propeller shaft, bonnet, roof and seat frames, and aluminum for the engine, suspension – including the front domes and front and rear frames – wings and doors. The rear cross-member is made of aluminum composite and plastic and the braking system uses aluminum calipers and carbon ceramic discs.

Despite all this weight optimization, the Giulia has the best torsional rigidity in its class.

(Source: Alfa Romeo)

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    Very nice indeed!

  2. glyphics1943

    I love this design. A little more front overhang than ideal but the classic RWD proportions are evident. For those in U.S. states that require a front license plate, it’s going to look a little awkward.


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