Peugeot 308 R HYbrid Concept

Concept Cars 17 Apr 2015
Peugeot 308 R HYbrid Concept

The official information and the exclusive design sketches of the Peugeot 308 R HYbrid, the 500hp, all-wheel-drive concept car developed by Peugeot Sport.

Created by Peugeot’s in-house engineering and racing division, the 308 R HYbrid Concept combines high performances – 0-100 km/h time of 4.0 seconds – with low CO2 emissions of 70g/km.

Peugeot 308 R HYbrid Concept

The Design

The look of the car includes and evolves elements inspired by the Quartz Concept, revealed at the recent Geneva Motor Show.

Peugeot 308 R HYbrid Concept Design Sketch by Thomas Rohm

Among the influences are the new front and rear bumpers, with large hexagonal air intakes and a design defined by angular lines; the distinctive front grille with its chequered pattern; the louvres on the hood; and the rear narrow spoiler at the top of the tailgate.

Peugeot 308 R HYbrid Concept and Quartz Concept

The color scheme combines a blue paint with fluorescent pigments and glass particles with a rear section finished in matte black – a livery similar to that introduced with the 308 R Concept.

Peugeot 308 R HYbrid Concept

Peugeot 308 R HYbrid Concept Design Sketch by Thomas Rohm

Compared to the production 308, the 308 R HYbrid Concept features front and rear tracks widened by 80m, as well as 235/35 R19 tires.

Peugeot 308 R HYbrid Concept

The blue color recalls both the hybrid powertrain and the shade historically reserved for French competition vehicles.

Interior Design

Peugeot 308 R HYbrid Concept Interior - Seat leather detailInside, the car has the same ‘i-Cockpit’ instrumentation of the standard 308.

Among the new features are the four individual sports seats, upholstered in fawn-colored patinated leather, upper fittings and roof lining in slate grey and sporty red touches, for example in the dials, steering wheel center marker and central console.

The dashboard is covered in a fabric produced using a digital weaving technique – an innovative material that can be used to produce large and complex parts that are soft to the touch with no need for foam, which helps saving weight.

The steering wheel is compact, upholstered in perforated leather and bears the ‘308 R HYbrid’ logo steering wheel paddles fall immediately to hand, giving the driver finger-tip control over the six-speed gearbox.

The instrumentation is completed by the head-up display and two buttons on the central console that allow the driver to activate the powertrain and select one of the four driving modes.

Technical Features

The plug-in powertrain combines three sources of power, each capable of moving the vehicle independently of the others.

Peugeot 308 R HYbrid Concept - Powertrain seethrough

They are a four-cylinder 1.6-litre THP 270 S&S petrol engine, plus two electric motors – each with power of 85kW/115hp – mounted one on each axle. The front one is linked to the six-speed gearbox.

To improve handling, the car’s weight has been optimized and placed as low as possible. The lithium-ion 3kWh battery has an excellent ratio between power and size, and is housed under the rear seats in place of the fuel tank.

In turn, the 50-litre tank has been placed in the boot above the rear electric motor and two transformers.

The braking system features 380mm ventilated discs at the front, gripped by four pistons, and 290mm discs to the rear.

The deceleration also uses the electric motors throughout the full speed range, which helps preserving the discs and pads, and uses regenerative braking to recharge the battery.

The battery can also be recharged using the front electric motor as a generator, driven by the petrol engine, or through a rapid recharging terminal, which restores the battery to its maximum power in just 45 minutes.

The car offers four driving modes:

  • Hot Lap mode is the most powerful, harnessing the full potential from the three power sources to reach a total of 500hp and maximum torque of 730Nm.
  • Track mode delivers 400hp and 530Nm, mainly from the petrol engine and the rear electric motor. The front electric motor serves as an additional booster when accelerating.
  • Road mode is specially designed for road use with power of 300hp and torque of 400Nm. The petrol engine delivers its full potential, while the rear electric motor helps during accelerations. The front electric motor is not used in this mode.
  • ZEV makes priority use of the rear electric motor. The front electric motor comes into play, depending on the pressure applied on the accelerator pedal.

(Image Courtesy: Peugeot for Car Body Design)

Image Gallery

Peugeot 308 R HYbrid Concept - Image 3
Peugeot 308 R HYbrid Concept - Image 5
Peugeot 308 R HYbrid Concept - Image 11
Peugeot 308 R HYbrid Concept - Image 1
Peugeot 308 R HYbrid Concept - Image 6
Peugeot 308 R HYbrid Concept - Image 8
Peugeot 308 R HYbrid Concept - Image 2
Peugeot 308 R HYbrid Concept - Image 12
Peugeot 308 R HYbrid Concept - Image 9

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