SEAT 20V20 Concept

Concept Cars 12 Mar 2015
SEAT 20V20 Concept

At the 2015 Geneva Motor Show SEAT has presented the 20V20 Concept, a sporty SUV that previews the design direction for the future production models of the brand.

The 20V20 signals how SEAT is evolving and developing its design DNA, and many of the details incorporated in the SUV concept will be used on the upcoming production models.

SEAT 20V20 Concept

The SEAT 20V20 (meaning “vision veinte veinte”, Spanish for 20:20) is characterized by a dynamic silhouette – like a four-door sports coupé – and a muscular, athletic stance underlined by the bright color hue.

SEAT 20V20 Concept

With a length of 4.659 meters and a wheelbase of 2,791mm, the 20V20 Concept anticipates the lines of the company’s first SUV, which will compete in the D-segment SUV market.

SEAT 20V20 Concept - Interior Render

The car has a versatile interior and more than 600 liters of luggage space. The SEAT Personal Drive Device serves as the ignition key and operating interface inside the car and as a pedestrian navigation system when outside the car – guiding the owner directly back to the car.

SEAT 20V20 Concept - Interior Design Sketch

The production SUV will be offered with a wide range of powertrains, from TSI to TDI to plug-in hybrid units.

SEAT 20V20 Concept - Interior Design Sketch

Below the official design details and statements.

Exterior Design

SEAT 20V20 Concept - Design Sketch

From the outside, the SEAT 20V20 looks like a four-door sport coupé with a robust character, big 765 mm diameter wheels and heightened 228 mm ground clearance.

SEAT 20V20 Concept


“Barcelona is our home and our inspiration. The clarity of the light helps with the clarity of the ideas. We are passionate perfectionists and we are showing that here with this showcar,” says Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, Head of SEAT Design. “Our 20V20 has a clear look, with powerful forward momentum. It possesses phenomenal tension and great depth of sensuality.” 

SEAT 20V20 Concept

“Automotive beauty is based on two factors,” coninued Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos: “The perfect balance of proportions and the clarity of the design content.”

Substantial, 20-inch wheels, a long 2791 mm wheelbase, a 1648 mm wide track in the front and 1638 mm in the rear, and low greenhouse with a straight roofline give the 20V20 very taut, dynamic proportions.

“These horizontal lines and the characteristic SEAT blisters on the sides give it very clear forward momentum. They convey the feeling of speed and directional clarity – like an arrow.”

Tension is another element used by SEAT designers – the coiled tension of an athlete just prior to the start. The slightly rearward positioning of the greenhouse, giving the sense of a very long hood, the perfect proportions of wheels, to metal, to glass, the pointed front end and the negative turn-in at the rear all reinforce this impression. This is further enhanced by very sculptural treatment of the lines and surfaces.

The wheel arches are powerfully accentuated front and rear and framed by slender, powerfully three- dimensional and structured surfaces. The sculptural impression is heightened considerably by the paintwork developed specifically for the “veinte-veinte”. Not only is ultra orange particularly luminescent, it also possesses enormous visual depth.

This impression of a muscular body is created by a systematic process of detailing. A radius, such as on the outer side of the door, is never constant. Instead, it increases in one direction, while tightening in the other. Like a muscle.

On the other hand, some of the edges, such as those on the characteristic SEAT blisters along the sides, are sharper than ever. The radius here measures an unbelievably tight 1.1 millimeters. Moreover, each edge is highlighted with a negative turn. This kind of high-precision design is a huge challenge when it comes to bodyshell manufacturing – but also a major SEAT competence as evidenced today in the current SEAT Leon.

The front end of the 20V20 features the X-shape as a fundamental design element. The V- shape of the bonnet and the grille stands for dynamism and forward momentum. The front bumper, with its inverted V, stands for stability and robustness, for a firm stance on the road. The showcar’s full-LED headlamps also convey distinctive character. Their focus appears distant; their expression determined and powerful.

The rear-end design also picks up the X reference. The lines are a little subtler, as expressed by the deep draw of the tailgate and the rear bumper. The rear lights possess the characteristic triangular form used in a number of the 20V20’s design details.

“We love the triangle at SEAT Design,” says Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos. “It isn’t unstable like a circle or immobile like a rectangle. The triangle has direction; it is always dynamic.” 

Besides proportions, the most important aspects for SEAT’s chief designer are always the clarity and logic of the lines. Every single line on the 20V20 has a clear relationship with each one of the others. There is not one line too many or superfluous. The balance between richness of form and clarity of logic is quite simply right.

Interior Design

The combination of sporty performance, relaxed refinement and precision quality expressed by the exterior design is also evident in the interior of the SEAT 20V20 showcar. With its clear structure and determined driver focus, its form is derived from the design language of the current Leon family, with a consistently forward-looking interpretation.

“A generous, yet safe feeling of space, innovative use of premium materials and, of course, the very latest in information and communication technology make the SEAT 20V20 an oasis of wellbeing on wheels,” says SEAT designer-in-chief Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos.

With its high shoulder line, the 20V20 offers a pleasant feeling of solidity and safety that is especially appreciated by SUV drivers, while an enveloping line running around the whole interior creates a feeling of spaciousness. SEAT designers refer to this cohesive impression of space as the loft effect. In the interior, too, tight radii and flowing lines display the level of precision characteristic of a SEAT.

The dominant materials leather, aluminium, glass and high-gloss plastic are of exceptionally high quality and crafted with enormous attention to detail. Everything feels solid and safe – yet, at the same time, airy and lightweight. Natural leather in saddle brown from Italian specialists Poltrona Frau endows the interior with a look that is both high class and robust.

Orange stitching provides a bold contrast and brings the luminescent exterior colour of the “veinte-veinte” into the interior.

The leather on the door panels and around the sills has been processed using an innovative technique, creating a distinctly three-dimensional structure. Finely distributed triangles give the surface a surprising vitality.

(Source: SEAT)

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